Review: The Fallen by Keri Lake

The Fallen (A Sons of Wrath Prequel) - Keri Lake

♥♥♥ 4.5 'Mind Blowing' Stars ♥♥♥

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"Perhaps it's in darkness, that things will come to light."

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This book is a prequel to the Sons of Wrath series. If you have read the first two books, you know who Xander is by the few times we have read about him. This is his story where we learn how he became a fallen angel.

This is a bit hard for me to review because I didn't know what to think once it all came to an end. But I do know for sure that I enjoyed it.

We meet Xander and I didn't know what to really think of him. He seemed hard, self assured, dominant, and an anti-hero. But there were moments in the book where I wasn't convinced he was all that bad like he portrayed himself. At first, it seems like Xander has this weird obsession with a stripper named Karinna. He follows her around and desires her but he can't give in, because she is a human. There were also moments he was tender which made me freaking swoon.

Then we have Karinna, who I really liked for being strong and a badass. But she was an enigma just as much as Xander was. She desperately wants revenge for her sister. And to do that, she must infiltrate the dark club her sister was tormented and abused in. Karinna seemed to be haunted by her past and I really wanted to find out more about it and about her. She was just really intriguing.

When these two meet...holy freaking hell!! The sexual tension was very panty melting. They both were attracted to one another but both resisted for their own reasons. It was very entertaining watching them slowly break down and give in to it. I freaking loved it! I freaking loved Xander! He was SO sexy and an awesome alpha. The things he would say!! I really enjoyed the chemistry between these two characters and seeing them fall in love.

There were a few moments where I was't completely sure what direction the story was headed. So, I was left wondering. I should have been patient, because then there came a twist that just blew my mind. I seriously couldn't believe I hadn't picked up on the clues to realize what was coming. I LOVED that the author was able to surprise me that way. VERY well done in the writing.

After that big turn of events, I was a bit confused as to the feelings Karinna and Xander had. But then Xander sacrifices himself and I know that what he feels for Karinna is completely real. So, overall, I really enjoyed it. It was a really great read. I loved the plot and the big twist. I loved the mysterious but amazing main characters. I loved the steam with some BDSM in the mix. It also had some dark cringing scenes that makes this one not for everyone. But I wouldn't say it was DARK dark.

The ending was not your typical HEA but I felt like it ended like it should have. I am now highly anticipating reading about Xander in future books. If you already love the series like I do, or just love paranormal books, you need to read this one too. This one is one of those books you need to read with very little knowledge of the book to really enjoy it. So, please avoid spoilers. Trust me.

~Arc kindly provided by author, Keri Lake, in exchange for an honest review. ~