Review: The King by J.R. Ward

The King - J.R. Ward

♥♥♥ 4.25 "All Hail The King" STARS ♥♥♥

What a story. It was quite the long read with SO many things going on but I really enjoyed this one.

I'm sensing a new pattern with this series since the previous book. The books from now on will seem to no longer just be about the main characters they are suppose to be about, now we will be getting the story lines of so many others as well. I will admit that this was the reason I didn't love Lover at Last as I might have liked to. But in this one, I guess I was expecting it. So, I ended up enjoying it a whole lot more.

I'll start with the main story line, which of course belongs to Wrath and Beth. I. LOVED. IT. It was SO great to see these characters again after all these years that have gone by. It was great to see how much they have grown and evolved as a couple. They go through disagreements that make them question their compatibility. I absolutely LOVED Wrath in this one. Sure, I didn't always agree with the way he handled things but by the end, I had a HUGE grin. I was that overjoyed for them. I even really liked Beth despite her stubbornness. I really liked that she wasn't a push over and stood up for herself. I like that she keeps Wrath on his toes. The ending of this book was so freaking fantastic. I just can't wait to see how everything that happen will change the future of the brotherhood. It was quite the turn of events but I'm hoping it will be positive for them all.

I was one of the few that actually was interested in Assail when I read, Lover At Last. Now, after reading more about Assail, who it a total anti-hero, I still want to know more about him. He is pretty smoking hot. He is looking for Sola, after she was kidnapped and does whatever he has to do until he finds her. I really enjoyed the chemistry between these two. I didn't really like how things left off between them, so, I'm hoping something awesome happens in the next book that will cause them to reunite.

I'm not going to lie, when I read the last book, I wasn't that big of a fan of Trez or iAm. But that completely changed with this book. Again, I really enjoyed the chemistry between Trez and Selena. Trez feels completely worthless of someone like Selena because of his man whore ways and the business he is in. Trez was freaking sexy but the shadow freaking frustrated me with how many times he left me hanging. Still, I loved him and wanted more. I loved that even though Selena is a chosen, she was bold and assertive. She surprised Trez with her quiet confidence and that's what I really liked about her. This story line also doesn't end in happy terms, so I can't wait to see what is in store for these two characters. I also want to say that I think I may be falling for iAm, Trez's brother. I seriously want him to find a GREAT woman of worth. I loved how he opened up to Beth and really HOPE he finds the woman he deserves really soon.

While I wasn't a complete fan of Xcor's story line in the last book, I was still left somewhat intrigued. I loved how Xcor falls and loves Layla. But I am left rather confused as to what exactly Layla's feelings and thoughts are about Xcor. I know she's attracted to him but kind like him because he's the "enemy". But she is also afraid of him so I'm not sure where their story is going to be heading. Especially how everything will work out with Layla being pregnant with Quinn's child and all. There wasn't too much of their story in this one, so I'm looking forward to reading how it all plays out.

I enjoyed the book completely, but it wasn't perfect either. While I enjoyed everyone's POV's and story lines, I thought it was a bit overwhelming at times too. WAY too many things were going on for it all to be put in one book. I would have liked for this book to have had more of Wrath and Beth than sharing their book with the others. I think a great solution could have been a novella or short for the other pairs. That way we could actually focus on each couple separately rather than getting fragments. So, that was pretty much the only thing I didn't really like.

What I did like, was that we got some info on Wrath's parents. I loved their pov's from the past and how it all came to a full circle. That was just awesome. I really loved it! And I was left super happy with Wrath and Beth's ending. I loved that there were a few moments of funny banter--which I wish there would had been more of--between the brothers. I really missed these guys so much. Overall, I thought it was a really great read. And I CAN NOT wait for Trez and iAm's book next!!! So excited!