Review: Bear, Otter, and the Kid By T.J. Klune

Bear, Otter, and the Kid (Bear, Otter, and the Kid #1) - T.J. Klune

♥♥♥ 5 Heart Warming/Breaking Stars ♥♥♥

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“I’ll never understand why people just won’t let others be who they are. It’s not like it’s affecting them in any way”

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This book was so wonderful. I didn't expect it to be this good. I had for a very long time but kept putting it off. I think it was the title and cover... I don't know. But I'm so glad I finally read it.


Bear, a.k.a Derrick, never in a million years thought this would happen to him. Just two day from turing eighteen, his mother has left and doesn't seem to be coming back. All she left him was $137.50 and his younger brother Ty, a.k.a. The Kid, that he is now responsible for. He was hurt, and scared. He drinks himself sick and drunk dials his best friend's older brother Otter, a.k.a. Oliver. Otter shows up to comfort him and to try to help. What ends up happening is one kiss. Bear wakes up the next day and finds Otter has left for California. He feels angry, sad, and confused about what happened between them. Three years later, Otter comes back making Bear even more confused and angry. But for some reason, he is also happy he is back.

I loved Bear! The whole book is in his POV, except for the epilogue. It was very interesting being in his head. He is a thinker, he thinks and thinks the crap out of things. He has to over analyze everything. I enjoyed his inner mononlogues. He was sarcastic and had a funny sense of humour. I loved the unconditional way he loved and cared for Ty. He had to grow up and become a father to Ty. I think he did a great job, even though he was still growing up himself. I was happy for all the support he had in his friends and even his elderly neighbour. So many times I just wanted to hug Bear, and hoped things would be better for him. I understood where he was coming from in terms of his sexuality. He has had one girlfriend, Anna, on and off since he was fourteen. Then he suddenly starts to feel things for his best friend Creed's older brother, Otter. I was frustrated with how much of a coward he was when it came to admit his feelings, but again, I got why he was that way. I still loved him, though.


Otter isn't ashamed about being gay. He has been the older brother that Bear never had. But somewhere along the way, he started to fall for Bear. And after they shared that one kiss, he felt like he was influencing him in some way that caused him to kiss him. So, he leaves to California to try to get over Bear. After three years, he knows he never will. So, he returns and hopes to have Bear any way he can in his life. Even if it's just as friends. He cares and loves both Bear and The Kid and he doesn't want to leave them again.

Oh, Otter... he made me swoon so many times. It must have been hard to be in his position, just like it was to be in Bears'. He loved Bear so much, he demonstrated it many times. He didn't want to ruin Bear's life by 'turning' him gay. But they can't deny what their hearts feel. I felt for Otter. He wanted to show everyone his love for Bear, but he couldn't because Bear was deeply buried in the closet. The chemistry between these two was wonderful to read. I couldn't get enough. Their silly banter and private jokes had me laughing. They were such a sweet and perfect couple. They really did complete each other. I loved it. And I just LOVED Otter! Seriously... he was just an amazing and supportive character.

=====THE KID=====

The Kid, whose real name is Ty (a.k.a 'The vegetarian ecoterrorist-in-training'), is Bear's little brother. Ever since he learned that his mother left, following with Otter leaving as well, he has suffered with abandonment issues. He needs to constantly know where Bear is at all times. He is scared that Bear will be next to leave him. Slowly, Ty tries to move on with his life so that his brother can do the same. He is really smart, and all he wants to do is to take care of Bear. But he knows he can't do it by himself, so he relys on Otter, Creed, and Anna to help him.

Ty freaking stole my heart!! This kid is absolutely brilliant. He is only nine years old, but is the most intelligent and wise kid I have ever read about. He was absolutely endearing. The way he looks up to his brother was so heart warming. And this kid was also always there for Bear when he needed it. He would give awesome advice to Bear, which was ironic since he is just a kid, after all. But the love between Bear and Ty was beautiful. You can really feel that connection between them as you read it. I loved this kid to pieces. He was so adorable with how he would preach about how you shouldn't eat meat because of how they were killed. Instead of watching cartoons, he watches Anderson Cooper. He was quirky but very cute. Loved him!

Here's a funny and adorable quote of The Kid and Creed talking:

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"Veal is cow, Kid," Creed argues. "What good are cows if we can't eat them?"

"Veal is baby cows! Why would you eat baby anything?"

"Veal is baby cow?" Creed asks looking slightly green and horofied. "How in God's name did I not know that?"

Anna pats his arm. "I think there's a lot about a lot of things you don't know."

"It's okay, Anna," the Kid says. "I have some literature that Creed can take with him and read. It's life-changing."

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This book was really heartbreakingly beautiful. There were many moments that hurt my heart and made me teary eyed. But there were also many romantic and funny moments that had me smiling while I read. I really enjoyed the story and LOVED the characters. I loved the writing style, which was different to what I'm use to, but I liked it nonetheless. I loved the ending, I think it was super sweet. I truly enjoyed it and I definitely recommend you give this a try. Don't let the title or the cover deter you from reading this. Just amazing.