Review: Who We Are By S.Q. Williams

Who We Are  - Shanora Williams

For some reason I didn't like this one as much as the first one. I didn't get why things ended the way it did in the first book when I new there was a solution to it all. But they made things difficult for themselves. When I started this book, it hurt to read any scenes with Eliza and Gage. It was just painful. I got annoyed by Gage, he seemed so different in the first book. Now, he seemed slightly weak. I understood his reasons for doing things (which I applaud him for, he made sacrifices), but damn, that killed me. Again, they made decisions instead of looking at ALL their options.

Eliza, I started liking more because she grew up. She finally realized she needed to fight for what she wanted, which is what I wanted her to do from the start. She also changed in the way she presented herself. In the first book, she seemed a bit meek but now she was confident and strong. I loved that.

There were many boring parts in this book. It felt like it was dragging things on a bit. There were some great scenes between Eliza and Gage near the end. That's when I started liking Gage again. I liked the fact that the secondary characters played a bigger role and that we got to learn a little bit about them. I still want to know more about them, though. I really liked the camaraderie between everyone in this book.

The ending was really sweet. I was happy for them and it made me smile. Overall, I enjoyed this book. I even liked that Gage's sister was in this one, but I still think the first book was better to me. I enjoyed it more. This one just dragged on. But I am happy with how things ended for them.