Review: Try By Ella Frank

Try - Ella Frank

♥♥♥ 4.5 Amazingly HOT Stars ♥♥♥

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"Everything I want, and everything I crave, is you."

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First off, if you are looking for a SUPER HOT m/m read, well then, look no further. Ella Frank will fog up your windows and make your panties melt right off of you with her debut m/m novel.

Logan Mitchell always gets what he wants. He doesn't do commitments. If he likes a woman or man, then he does whatever he can to have them. He exudes sex and confidence. He knows it, and uses it to his advantage. So, when he sees Straight bartender, Tate Morrison, he knows he must have him. And will go at any lengths to make that happen. After being patient, Tate finally agrees to try and Logan couldn't be more happier and hornier. Soon he finds himself in a sort of commitment with Tate. He will ONLY have sex with Tate, and no one else. He is shocked to see that he is actually okay with that. As time goes by, Logan starts to feel more for Tate and is scared out of his mind. This was afterall, suppose to be just sex.

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"You've changed me, and you don't even realize it. Just being with you, near you? It makes me want to be a better person.
You make me want to take a risk."

"What do you want to risk?"


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What can I say about Logan, he was one HOT SEXY BEAST! I loved every dirty little thing that came out of his mouth. I could understand how anyone could be held captive by his allure. He was just irresistable. Due to a relationship from his past, he no longer does them. He loves the casual encounters he has and thinks his life couldn't get any better. He never thought that after having people fall into his bed that the one person he wanted wouldn't do that. He had to pursue Tate, something he doesn't do. The only thing that bugged me at times about Logan, was that he couldn't be serious when Tate wanted to be. But at the same time, I kind of liked it, it was very confusing to me. There were many times I wanted Logan to TRY with Tate. He asked so much of Tate and I wanted him to as well when Tate asked that of him. But he would get scared, which was understandable, but I wanted him to take that final leap. Other than that, I really loved him.

Tate Morrison is currently trying to finally end his four year marriage with his ex-wife who is trying to make things difficult. Tate isn't interesting in dating at the moment and is perfectly content on his own. He's trying to start anew. He is living in a small apartment and just got a job as a bartender. Tate is charming and gorgeous but he is also straight. And when he meets Logan, there is something about him that catches his attention. Then he realizes Logan is bisexual and has been flirting with him. Tate doesn't know what to think or how to act, so it starts to piss him off. But the real reason is because he also feels an attraction to him. Logan's relentless pursuit to have him is what causes him to finally give in. He knows Logan isn't monogamous, so he makes sure that he will be while their sexual relationship lasts. He still can't believe he is doing this and that he later finds himself wanting more of Logan than just sex.

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Tate-"Yeah, me giving a guy head."

Logan-"And loving it?"

Tate-"Yes, and loving it. How did that happen?"

Logan-"You met me."

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Tate was an awesome character. He was equally as sexy as Logan. The poor guy got his world turned upside down the moment Logan entered it. He didn't know what do with this new found attraction to men, or more specifically to Logan. He has been with women his whole life and can't fathom his want for this one man. Tate goes through a journey of trying to come to terms with that, he just needs some time. I totally got where Tate was coming from, I can understand his initial shock and hesitancy to agree to Logan's proposal. But I loved that once he gave into his feelings, he was able to be more confident in himself and what he was doing. I liked that he gave back to Logan just as much as what he recieved. Yes, he was unsure at times, and more than a little terrified, but this was all new to him. I like that Tate was open minded and that he slowly tried things out with Logan. I wouldn't have believed it if things went too fast. I loved the every interaction Tate had with Logan. And I loved it when Tate's sexy side would come out.

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Tunneling his fingers back into the hot, snug home where his cock wanted to take up residence, he admitted"I want in here so bad, Tate. I have wanted it since we first met."

"Then, take me."

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The chemistry between these two characters was through the roof. The sexual tension from the beginning was driving me insane. I couldn't get enough of their banter and arguments. There was just a lot of heat between these characters. I know this is an erotica, so of course there is going to be a lot of sex in this book. I will admit that even though the sex was über HOT, I kind wanted more of a relationship to happen between them, for more of their emotions to come out to light. But that was because I had thought initially going in that this was a stand alone. I hadn't realized it was part of a three book series where Tate and Logan's story would continue. Now, I SERIOUSLY can't wait to read the next book. It seems that emotional connection I was craving for them will finally come in the next book. Ella totally left me hanging with that ending. There was a bit of a cliffhanger (but not really, in the sense that things did get resolved at the end). So it did leave you with an overall good feeling. But it did leave you wanting a whole lot more. It was a great debut m/m novel from Ella Frank. As per usual, the sex scenes were the best and really well written. I enjoyed the characters very much. Again, I can't wait to read more of these two. Loved it!

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