Review: The Billionaire Bad Boys Club By Emma Holly

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club - Emma Holly

♥♥♥ 3.5 'Holy HOT Menage' Stars ♥♥♥

YOWZA!! This book was one smoking HOT read.

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“Wow," she said, trying twice before her vocal chords cooperated. "I think my climax had a climax."

"Me too," Zane said with a shaky laugh.

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Rebecca's life has not been a great one. After her mother's death, her father abandoned her with her two younger twin brothers. Since then, she has been on her own raising them. That's how we first meet her, Rebecca is a teenager caring for her brothers and discovering her love of food. Rebecca meets Trey and Zane when she woked as a waitress in a restaurant when they were in their college years. She left a huge impression on Trey. She later on becomes a chef and aspires to work at the restaurant that is part of The Billionarie Bad Boys Club, which is owned by none other than Trey and Zane. Their attraction is at an all time high and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

I really liked Rebecca. She was independent, strong, and hard working. I loved reading how she took care of her brothers and the lengths she went to make sure no one found out their secret. I was so saddened by her loss. But she has grown up into a great woman. That doesn't mean she wasn't affected by it. She is afraid to give her heart to any man. She doesn't want to hurt again like she did years ago. I liked how she slowly started to let her guard down thanks to both Trey and Zane. They made her feel loved and showed her how it feels to be taken care of. But I did feel like she fell into it a little too fast for someone who guarded herself.

Trey and Zane both had rough upbringings as well, they were both beaten by their fathers. Trey is a bisexual man who isn't ashamed of being what he is. He officially met Zane when they were teens after he saw Zane getting beaten. Trey finds out that Zane is also bisexual and helps him discover that side of himself. Ever since, they have been inseparable as best friends and lovers. They went to college together and later became successful, wealthy, business partners.

Any scene with Trey and Zane was a really hot one. But there was also a sweetness to them. They had a lot in common and offered each other what they never had growing up. He is hasn't forgotten about Rebecca since they met briefly all those years ago. And now that she is back in his life, he is determined to make her his. Trey was really sexy, and so freaking romantic. I loved the meaning behind his tattoo. As the three of them embark on this 'relationship' they start to become insecure about where each stands. No one wants to be left behind. I was so happy that these three didn't stop comunicating. They kept working on their threesome to make sure they all felt comfortable in it.

Zane was the second half of the business partners/lovers. He was also incredibly sexy. He discovered his bisexuality with Trey, but isn't as open about it like he is. He likes to keep their relationship private, so no one knows about the true nature of their relationship. That is soon threatened by an obsessed ex-lover and a jealous employee. The story was really gets you with all the smexy scenes. But I also really enjoyed learning about all of thier pasts. I liked how they met and got together. I loved how supportive they were of one another and how much they loved each other. Zane may have not as been as open as Trey, but it was great to see him open up thanks to Trey and Rebecca.

The storyline was interesting with the drama and all that, but I will admit, there were some parts that just didn't hold my interest. I think it was that it took a while for the story to progress at times. Sex was used as a filler during those times instead of letting their relationship grow. But this is an erotica book, so of course there were a lot of sex scenes, and those did not disappoint. Those scenes were SCORCHING HOT!! They seriously melted my panties. There was even light BDSM added to it to liven things up. I did feel like the relationship needed something in order for me to believe they all truly fell in love with each other and that it would work out for them. The ending was great, but maybe if there had been an epilogue, I would have enjoyed it more. Overall, it was super steamy, sexy read.

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Trey-- “How long is a long time?"

Zane-- "Forever"

Trey-- "Forever will do."

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