Desire (Desire, Book 1)

Desire (Desire, Book 1) - Missy Johnson ~Arc provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.~

***3.5 Stars***

Kaitlin is a twenty-one year old college student that is trying to move on from her past. Until one day when Detective Devon Walkerson notifies her that her estranged mother has gone missing. She now finds herself being guardian to her two siblings, Neri (fifteen years old) and Sam aka “Sambo” (five years old), while still going to college. She ends up having to look for a job in order to support them all and finds it in a high class adult establishment. While Devon is updating Kait on the case and checking in to see how they are all doing, an attraction blooms between them.

Kait went through a terrible event, left her home at seventeen and never looked back. Now she finds herself feeling guilty for never going back to see her sister and brother. But she also feels like a terrible person for not feeling anything when it comes to her mother. She desperately needs a job that can fit her schedule so she can still go to school. She accepts the job of receptionist in a brothel because the pay is really good and won’t compromise her time with her family.

It was funny to see all the inner ramblings of her mind when it came to Devon. But I really felt for her for how hot and cold Devon was with her. I don't know how she could stand him doing that to her so many times. I really liked Kait because she was confident, independent, funny, and a little bit of a perv. Despite what she went through in her past, she was comfortable being herself. She wasn’t perfect though, and there were some parts I didn’t know what to think by how she was feeling. I did enjoyed seeing her interact with her adorable little brother Sambo and build a relationship with her sister Neri. I also was very happy to see her have such an amazing supportive best friend and roommate in Ara.

Devon I really liked in the beginning. I loved how flirty he was, and he definitely made me swoon a few times but I struggled to really understand him. One moment he was sexy and blatantly obvious with his attraction to Kait and the next he was distancing himself from her because he can’t have a relationship with someone connected to his case. He continued this behavior for most of the book, asking for second chances and it was really frustrating for me. A part of me wanted her to forget him and another kind of wanted him to say how he felt.

I think that was what I needed more of, for both of these characters to talk more and to stop jumping each other after a few seconds. Even if it was quite steamy, I needed them to communicate so I could fully understand their actions and feelings because there were some moments I didn’t really get what was going on in their minds. He later reveals to Kait the event that has caused him to be reluctant to love but it didn’t excuse him of his rudeness to me. I was left wanting more from him.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read. I am looking forward to seeing if Devon will open up more and to see what is in store for Kait in the next book.