50 Shades of Gay

50 Shades of Gay - Jeffery Self 2.75 - 3 Stars

Alex Kirby is an aspiring writer, who has had a "crush" on Taylor Grayson for a long time. Taylor Grayson is Hollywood leading man and a closeted gay who is into BDSM. After Alex's roomate, Matty, gets the flu, he asks Alex to cover for him and interview Taylor for 'The Star Report'. Of course, Alex jumps right on the chance. During the interview, Taylor is an nervous and aroused mess and can't seem to figure out why Taylor keeps winking at him. Is he interested or just being friendly? He soon finds out its the former.

'It isn't that I'm some psycho Taylor Grayson stalker by any means, far from it... but I'd be lying if I claimed I hadn't masturbated, on multiple occasions, the moment in his new movie trailer where he does something like forty pull ups without taking a break.'

If you didn't already know from the title, this book was inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. The books are similar in some ways but I wouldn't say it was a complete copy of the books. And don't worry, there is no inner goddess in this book, thank god! However, there is the overuse of the word Penis, which for some reason I find funny. I don't know why, I guess am just being childish LOL! I'm okay with cock but penis is a different story.

I inched the slightest bit toward him, and our penises touched. Through underwear and pajamas, but still, there they were-two hard c*cks connecting, reaching out to eachother in the dark.

The thing that grabbed me from the start was Alex's inner dialogue!! He was witty, random, but most of all he was just 100% himself! It was quite refreshing. Most of what came out of his mouth was just plain humourous. I loved it! I couldn't stop laughing! He was really sweet and adorable as well. He wants to lose his virginity but doesn't want it to be with just anyone. He wants there to be romance during his first time. The person he ends up choosing is Taylor Grayson. Taylor was a cold, arrogant actor. I didn't like him nor did I understand him. I kept wondering what Alex could see in him. He was just a jackass most of the time.

"This is for you, Alex. If you want it." I look around the room again. Just what is for me? The weird swing? The bed without sheets? The riding crop?
"Do you know what BDSM is?" he asks. I don't. Truth be told, it sounds like a brand of jeans they would sell at H&M.

The story in my opinion was not very well developed. This is because I had trouble figuring out how Alex fell in love with Taylor. It seemed to just happen yet I never really saw it unfold. It was the same thing with Taylor. He just all of a sudden seemed to be in love with Alex but never really gave any prior indication of it. I guess I just felt like everything was moving a little to fast and with little explanation. The BDSM sex scenes in this book, were really hot, though!! So those parts were very enjoyable to read.

'There's something about you, Alex. Something I can't quite put my finger on... I know I've said this before but you're really special."
I've now melted, literally melted into a puddle that happens to still look like me sitting in a chair at a kitchen island, but do not be fooled -- I am melted!'

The ending I liked, although, it was kind of cheesy but it was okay. I just didn't feel it was the complete HEA that I was hoping for. I wanted to know if they would actually have the relationship Alex wanted and if it would work out. Overall it was an enjoyable fluffy and funny read!! Nothing fantastic but not terrible either. If you want a light book for entertainment purposes with no angst, than this would be a good choice.