Sticks & Stones - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Finished Re-read Feb 26/13


After their last case, the Tri-state serial killer, Ty and Zane are ordered vacation time for their sanity's sake. There seems to be some distance between them but Ty invites Zane to tag along and go meet his family in West Virginia. Ty and Zane go hiking with Earl and Deuce but run into some trouble on the mountains. They stumble upon three men looking for treasure, who would kill to get it and for no one to find out about it.

Ty's family is a hoot. Love their sense of humour and how they are easy going at times. Ty's mom Mara was a sweetheart and his brother, Deacon aka Deuce was AWESOME. Chester the grandfather made me snicker quite a bit, LOL the shovel!!. Earl, Ty's dad was kind of nice at first then he was just a jackass.

As the story progresses, Ty and Zane have a startling awareness of their feelings for each other. They feel deeper than they want to admit. Deuce is a psychologist and helps them see that. Like Deuce, I was fascinated by how Ty and Zane reacted to each other. How they are sometimes tender to one another and how much they crave it. They are incompatible in so many ways that they are just perfect for each other. Gosh so many times I just wished that Ty would say it already. But I know Zane may not be ready to hear it since he is trying to deny his feelings.

I was grinning like a fool in the ending, I'm so happy. My favourite so far.