Dangerous to Know & Love - Jane Harvey-Berrick
***3 Stars***

~Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review~

Nineteen year old Lisanne Maclaine is at college studying music, which is her passion, and economics, which her parents insisted she take. In her economics class, she will have to partner up with another student to work on a project. When she is told that her partner is Daniel Colton, she can't believe she is going to partners with him. The guy every girl seems to want.

Daniel Colton is known for his bad boy reputation. Rumor has it he sleeps with a different girl every day, get into fights, and deals drugs. Everyone is quick to judge him because of his tattoos and piercings, but not everyone knows the real him or the big secret he hides.

I absolutely loved "The Education of" books from Jane Harvey-Berrick. I love her writing and in Dangerous to Know & Love I thought we still had good quality writing. The reason I didn't love this book was because I felt like I couldn't really connect with Lisanne. It started off pretty good but a bit slow. I was intrigued by Daniel from the start and wanted to know more about him. After finding out about Daniel's secret, I thought things would get more interesting. Which it did, somewhat, but not enough for me to really want to keep reading. I am sad to say that I almost DNF this book.

Daniel was an inked, pierced, harley driving, smoker and I loved him. I couldn't stand all of the judgment he recieved from everyone. Especially from Lisanne's family. It became really annoying. Just because his house is party central pretty much 24/7 and his older brother Zef deals, they assume he does as well. Daniel was angry and defensive most of the time but I really didn't blame him, epecially when you learn about his past and what he's lost, it was really sad. Getting to know more about Daniel was the most enjoyable part of the book for me and seeing him overcome his struggles. I loved that he was mature enough to want to become a better person and his wonderful dirty mouth.

What I ended up not liking at all was Lisanne. I know she was a nineteen year old virgin, but she acted way younger than that. She would overreact and have tantrums. She would also assume things without talking about it first. She was one of those that judged Daniel from the start until she got to know him. The drama was too much for me and this is why I had difficulty continuing. The only thing I did like about her was that there were a few times where she actually stood up for Daniel. I just wished she would have been a more stronger and confident character and less naïve.

This one may not have worked for me, but I will definitely be looking forward to reading more from Jane Harvey-Berrick. I suggest you give it a try, you might enjoy it more than I did.