Hot Ticket - Olivia Cunning I think this is probably the BEST book of the series so far.

It was not your typical story of boy meets girl, boy and girl can't keep their hands off each other, boy and girl fight, boy and girl make up. There was never a separation period that involved Jace and Aggie disagreeing. I liked how Jace's story interlaces with Sed and Jessica's story. We finally know where Jace was when Trey was in the hospital. This story starts from when they all go to a strip club for Brian's Bachelor party.

I didn't know I would but I fell in love with Jace. He was sweet, quiet, shy, yet quite strong, defiant, and passionate. His excessive blushing was freaking adorable. He was always the quiet one of the group that never craved the lime light. All he wanted to do was play music which he was passionate about. The reason he decided on becoming a musician was really heart warming for me. Jace has a tragic past and demons to get over that have been tormenting him. His story was really heart breaking. I really wanted to hug him SO bad, even though he'd probably like being whipped more :/

I really loved Aggie (aka Mistress V). She was not annoying, immature, or stupid. Aggie was a dominatrix and stripper who gave Jace the bite of pain he needed. Aggie knew there was more to him behind that wall he built than what he showed. Her upbringing was also not the best which is why she was not interested in a relationship with Jace or any man. She just lives in the now and tries not to plan the future but she can't seem to stay away from Jace. She becomes Jace's only support system and never gives up on him. They both give each other what they need in order to move on.

There was some hilarious banter between band members in this book, especially from Eric. And of course the sex scenes were HOT HOT HOT like the previous books. There were also parts where I kind of felt bad for Trey pining for Brian. So I wonder what his book will be about.

I am looking forward to reading Eric's story. He was quite endearing even though I disliked him before for being such an asshole to Jace. But now I am intrigued by him even though he is still an annoying horn dog LOL. The bromance between Jace and Eric was just awesome *smiles*.

Oh yeah and Jon the ex bassist... FREAKING DOUCHEBAG!