Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley Mara Hanover is a mattress sales person who has been living next to Mitch Lawson for four years. She has been crushing on him during this time but avoids him at all costs. When Mara's faucet won't turn off, Mitch offers to help her fix it. To repay him she offers her famous 'Chicken Barbeque Pizza'. When she goes to tell him its done a woman was with him, so she runs away from their 'first date'. Then for their 'second date' she stood him up. She recieves a call to pick up her cousin Bill's kids, Billie and Billy, who ran away. She runs into Mitch and offers to go with her. Mitch is interested in a relationship with her but Mara doesn't want to get hurt because he is out of her league. But Mitch won't stay away. Now she finds herself with two kids that she needs to protect and take care of since her criminal cousin Bill never did.

Mara has this rating system in which she rates people out of 10. She thinks Mitch is a 10.5 while she sees herself as a 2.5 I was a little put off by Mara at first by her insecurites and constant rating of people. I did love that she was kind and very caring. But after learning about the people that made her feel worthless in the past, I understood her. I mean it's more easier to believe in people's negative comments than positive ones when you have self-esteem issues. So I knew she would not change overnight which made her more believable in my opinion. I had more respect for her when she finally realized everything she thought of herself (because of her crazy mother) was wrong and that all that was important was that she was a good person.

I was proud and so happy that Mitch didn't give up on her. I totally LOVED Mitch. He really was the dream man. He really pushed Mara's boundaries in a harsh way but was just what she needed to get out of her shell. He was so freaking nice though and my heart melted in his scenes with Billy, Billie. He was such a sweet father figure to those kids that just made my heart swell. Mitch was also a really hot Alpha!

Cabe 'Hawk' Delgado, Brock 'Slim' Lucas, and Kane 'Tack' Allen make an appearance. Cabe totally made me swoon for him all over again, just saying. The ending was beautiful and the epilogue had my soul sighing. A great read and can't wait to start on Kane 'Tack' Allen's book.