Crash (Crash, #1) - Nicole  Williams image

Lucy is romantic at heart looking to find her prince charming when she meets Jude, the Bad Boy every girl swoons over. Jude also happens to be the local junenile delinquent and womanizer. From the moment they meet they can't seem to stay away from each other but ther obstacles in their way from forming a true relationship.

"If I ever mess things up...I want you to promise you'll leave. Drop me like a bad habit and don't look back, because God knows, it can't be me that walks away since I'm incapable of it"

I fell in love with Jude, he was not a relationship type of guy and that didn't stop him from attempting to be everything Lucy deserved. Unfortunately he was insecure of his worth and had abandoning issues. Lucy also had some issues to get over, with the death of her brother. I kept wishing for them to work out instead of having misunderstandings or thinking it was going to fail before it started. But it really worked out in the end because what they really needed was to work on themselves individually for them to work as a couple.

"I'll be here, each day and every day on, as long as you want me be."

Their journey to their happily ever after was a long and bumpy road but it was totally worth it to see these two characters grow and leave their demons behind them. A very good story. If you loved Beautiful Disaster you will love this too.

"How does a guy like you promise someone forever at eighteen?"
"Easy...he finds a girl like you"