Grounded (Up In The Air, #3) - R.K. Lilley I think I fell in love with Mr. James 'Beautiful' Cavendish. It took me til the third book because he was too intense for me. I did like him I just didn't LOVE him before. He was his sexy mercurial Alpha self but we got to see a more sides of him which I enjoyed. I was swooning so many times, he just says the most perfect things and showed Bianca with actions as well. I was completely melting at one part in the book he was so damn romantic.

I also enjoyed the growth in Bianca. She was always resisting the relationship not wanting to commit nor give her heart completely. So awesome to see her finally to allow more in her heart besides Stephan. Oh god, the part with her father had my heart pounding. It was scaring me, I didn't know how it would end.

Stephan is the BESTEST BEST FRIEND EVER. I wish he was my best friend. It was so touching seeing how close and strong Stephan and Bianca's friendship was and how they truly loved each other. I am so happy he got a HEA with Javier, he really deserved it. Oh and there were parts in his POV which I loved.

The sex was HOT for sure. Although I didn't like some scenes too much. I just felt like James was sometimes too rough. The earning of the 'Red Wings' part, It was uhh...and just woah...yeah left me speechless. I am pretty sure I was blushing.

The Epilogue was AMA-FREAKING-ZING. It did not dissapoint at all. I was so happy I couldn't hold back my smile.

Now I am highly anticipating Tristan and Danika's story, I hope it is as good as Bianca's and James' :D I wonder if Lana and Akira, and Damien and Jessa will get one too?