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OMG! I am SO glad I decided to see what all the fuss was about with this book. I FREAKING LOVED IT! Being in Drew's head was absolutely FUN and HILARIOUS! IT IS A MUST READ!


“I’ve never seduced a woman before.
Shocking, I know.
Let me clarify. I’ve never had to seduce a woman before, not in the typical sense. Usually it just takes a look, a wink, a smile. A friendly greeting, maybe a drink or two. After that, the only verbal exchange involves short, one-word phrases like harder, more, lower… You get the point.”

Drew is a wealthy arrogant playboy that is use to getting his way. He doesn't work to get a woman to sleep with him because he is so handsome and charming that women practically beg him to sleep with them. On a weekend out on the town, he sees a woman that he needs to know, Katherine Brooks. He wants her bad and isn't unsettled by the fact that Kate is engaged because her body language is screaming that she is very much interested. Still, Kate turns him down and he finds out the next day that she is his new co-worker and his father has asked him to take her under his wing. Let the hilarious sexiness begin.

“…You and Kate. It’s obvious you have a thing for her.”

“Yeah I do have ‘a thing’ for her. An extreme dislike of her. We can’t stand each other. She’s a pill. I wouldn’t fuck her with a ten foot dildo.”
Okay that’s not true. I’d so fuck her. But I wouldn’t like it.
Yeah you’re right. That’s not true either.


“She looks like some mythical imp, some fabled pagan sex deity from a Roman legend. Or a well-acted porno.”

I loved Emma Chase's writing style. I was hooked just from the opening lines. It was all completely in Drew's POV and I could not get enough of reading all of the inner ramblings of Drew's mind. The things that came out of his head... some were borderline offensive but you can't help but think it's so true. You should see how much I highlighted this book! It was quite refreshing to read how honest he was. Obviously the inner workings of a woman's and man's mind differ but I enjoyed and was fascinated being in a man's mind. I didn't want it to end!


Drew was a bit of a jerk and sarcastic, but really sexy and in then end, you really can't say no to him. He was irresistible and swoony. I want to have your babies! haha! I loved how he started to change and was falling for Kate. He was a freaking idiot at one point, though. Still, I LOVE YOU!!! The way he was trying to make her fall in love with him had me sighing and laughing all at once. When he does something, he goes all out. I loved it!


“God, she’s beautiful. I mean, look at her. She’s like a volcano going off—fierce and fiery and breathtaking. If she doesn’t find a way to ugly herself down, I’m going to be spending an awful lot of time pissing her off. Which might not be such a bad thing in the end. Angry sex is awesome.”


"Edward Cullen can take his stupid heroin and OD on it. Kate is my own personal brand of Viagra."


“She’s not just perfect – she’s perfect for me.”

I even really liked Kate. She was intelligent, kind, fiesty, and sexy. She was not afraid to be herself or work hard to get what she wants. I loved that she wanted to be independent because of how she grew up. My only complaint would be, HOW COULD YOU NOT SAY YES TO HIM, YOU CRAZY WOMAN?! Other wise, I think she kinda kicked ass.

“If we’re going to work together, Drew, I think we should get a few things straight. I’m not your sweetheart. My name is Kate — Katherine. Use it. And I’m not a kiss-ass. I don’t have to be. My work speaks for itself.”


“It makes me want to kiss her and strangle her at the same time. I’ve never been into S&M, but I’m beginning to see its benefits.”


In fact all the characters were very entertaining in their own way.
Mackenzie - So freaking adorable with her little swear jar and the questions she would ask.

“Uncle Drew?”
“Is you gonna die alone?”
I smirk. “I don’t plan on dying for a long time, honey.”
“Momma says you gonna die alone. She tol’ Daddy that you gonna die and it be days till a cleanin’ lady find your rottin’ corpse.”


“I don’t think Uncle Matthew can come, Momma. He been too busy bein’ pussy whipped. Wha’s pussy whipped, Daddy?”

"The Bitch" aka Alexandra, his sister - Was supportive and mean all at once. She kind of reminded me of my relationship with my younger brother. So I thought that was brilliant.

Matthew - He had a few hilarious lines that were really great.
“Delores is a gorgeous name, for a gorgeous girl. Plus it rhymes with clitoris … and I really know my way around them. Big fan.”

Seriously, no character got on my nerve. I also need to mention that the sex scenes in his POV, were also really good! *fans self*


I had so much fun reading this! I laughed, giggled, snorted, rolled my eyes, sighed, swooned and smiled so much my cheeks were hurting by the end of it. If you want a book that will lift up your spirts, this is it! It was so AWESOME!! I can't say enough about how much I LOVED it!! I am hoping that another book like this will be written by Emma Chase and hopefully coming out soon! *fingers crossed*

"Now my life is a mess. In a good way. A giant unpredictable web of screw-ups and make-ups. Frustration and tenderness. Annoyance and affection. Lust and love. But that’s okay. Because as long as Kate Brooks is tangled up in that web with me?
Well, I can’t imagine anything fucking better than that."

I'm not lying... the quotes could go on...