Review: Suspicious Minds by Elizabeth Reyes

Suspicious Minds: Fate #3 - Elizabeth Reyes






♥♥♥ 2 STARS ♥♥♥


After I read the blurb, I thought this would be an interesting read. Unfortunately, it didn't end up really working for me.

This book starts off with a man named Lorenzo Moreno, who finds out that his girlfriend cheated on him with her baby daddy and immediately dumps her. The event completely altered Lorenzo, he has become distrustful and swears he will never fall in love with another girl. Olivia Romero hasn't fared too well either in the romance department. Her ex-boyfriend wasn't exactly the best, but she loved him. He was manipulative and would try to control her. After she finally had enough of it all, she leaves him. Nine months later, Olivia and Lorenzo meet at a bar. After they begin to talk, they realize that an attraction is there. So they decide to have one night together with no strings attached.

After their first encounter, I wasn't really feeling Lorenzo because he seemed like a jerk. Later on, they see each other again, and end seeing more of each other since Olivia becomes friends with Lorenzo's brother's wife. At first, Lorenzo is a total tool towards Olivia and they both try their best to avoid each other. The more they see each other, the more Lorenzo wants to have her and even give the relationship thing a try again.

These two characters had quite the baggage. I get that Lorenzo was cheated on and that this brought on some insecurities in his relationship with Olivia, but damn, I did not like how jealous he could be over every little thing. And then I hated how after being with a man who controlled Olivia and her not wanting it ever again, ends up in a new relationship and still she acted a tiny bit meek. I didn't like how she seemed to be walking on eggshells, and have to explain her every move whenever she thought Lorenzo was getting suspicious. I also didn't understand how she didn't see what her brothers and Lorenzo saw in her boss and her ex-boyfriend Jay, that they were both creepy and weird about her. I wish Olivia would have grown a backbone sooner, but I was glad that she finally did in the end. She wasn't all bad, I actually liked how loyal she was to those that truly meant something to her.

The entire focus of the book seemed to surrounded on Lorenzo's jealousy and Olivia's ex-boyfriend drama. I never felt an emotional connection between the two, and had trouble finding the romance in this one. There was only one scene that made my heart melt by Lorenzo's sweetness, but that quickly became overshadowed by all the times Lorenzo was a prick because of his green-eyed monster. As a result, I didn't like Lorenzo much. I knew this is what the book was going to be about, but I wanted more romance, more heart, more chemistry. Instead, I got too much drama, especially at the end that didn't do much for me. I'm really disappointed that this book wasn't what I expected, and that I wasn't able to love it. It could be a case of it's just me, not you. So who knows if you might enjoy it more than I did.

~Ebook gifted to Kris & Vik Book Therapy Cafe in exchange for an honest review.~

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