Review: Boo! by Nick Pageant

Boo! (Beauty And The Bookworm Book 2) - Nick Pageant

♥♥♥ 4 Hilariously Spooky Stars ♥♥♥

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It was then I discovered the worst horror of all – my kindle was dead.

“Nooooo!!!!!!” I screamed. “This can’t be happening. Oh, shit, Shane, I’ve got nothing to read. We have to get out of here!”

Shane lay next to me and wrapped me in his arms. “You can live one night without your kindle.”

Does this bastard know me at all? “I can’t Shane, I really can’t.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

Loved this short little Halloween read. I had missed Shane and Mason's crazy banter. And of course I enjoyed all the antics, which had me giggling out loud. I did now expect Twyla to be in this little story, but once she showed up, I laughed hard. I truly enjoyed all the creepy and steamy scenes in this book. It was a wonderful Halloween short. I am hoping that this is not the end of Shane and Mason, and that one day we will get more of them. *fingers crossed*

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