Review: The Boyfriend Mandate by River Jaymes

The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles Book 2) - River Jaymes

♥♥♥ 3.25 STARS ♥♥♥

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“Of all the looks you send me, I love that one the best.”

"Which expression would that be?"

"The one that says 'you're a moron, but you're my fucking moron."

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If you have read the previous book in this series, than you know who Tyler was. I was not left with a good impression of him in the last book, in fact, I just plainly did not like him. But now in his book, you get to learn about his life which made my heart hurt for him. I understood why he was the way he was. I am happy to say that he totally redeemed himself in this one. I really liked him. He was a volunteer doctor and it was amazing to see him in action helping people.

We also get to learn about Tyler's first relationship with his college roommate Memphis. It seems that Tyler never got over him after things ended between them. And boy did it end...horribly. I swear I felt for Tyler, even if I understood why Memphis did what he did. Still, it sucked. Memphis I liked, and I enjoyed getting to know what he was going through in the past that made him leave. Memphis is a stunt man by profession and a cancer survivor, twice. Things have been tough for him. I really loved all the steamy scenes between Tyler and Memphis. They were smoking hot! Like that elevator scene...LORDY! And I loved all of their reminiscing of the past.

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“Your family wants you here, Memphis. Julissa wants you here. And just as important, I want you here.”


"I love you."

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I liked the story for the most part, but, I did not like how Memphis would sometimes treat Tyler. I thought Memphis would have grown and been less selfish considering how it went for them the last time. I didn't like that he was kind of stringing Tyler along. I loved how much stronger Tyler was as a result from the past. I just wish I could have seen that strength during the moments that he needed to be tough so he wouldn't let Memphis treat him the way he did. I also didn't really like Memphis' ex-wife. She annoyed me a lot.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read. It had awesome steam and some funny moments. It was great seeing the characters from the first book in this one too. We even get a little insight as to what is happening with them. I really liked the ending and how Tyler didn't give up this time. It was so sweet it had my heart melting. The epilogue was the best and it was also quite hilarious. While I didn't end up loving this as much as the first book, it was still very enjoyable.

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