Review: Wildcard: Volume Three by Missy Johnson

Wildcard: Volume Three - Missy Johnson





♥♥♥ 3.25 stars ♥♥♥

After the last part of this series, I really wanted to know what it was that Scarlett was hiding from Ryder. And we finally get to find out just that in this short book.

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'I’m sick of the games. Either she’s with me or she isn’t, and if she is, then enough with the fucking secrets. I feel like our whole relationship has been one lie after another.'

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It looks like things with Scarlett's ex is finally over, or so it would seem. Scarlett and Ryder are both keeping secrets from each other involving her ex. But Scarlett has a bigger secret that could cause Ryder to leave her. This book was really fast paced. A lot of things happened and while I did enjoy it for the most part, some not so much. That is because some parts were slightly melodramatic and others a bit too rushed. The steam in this book however, was still very good.

Ryder is why I like this series. He has come a long way from the man whore he once was. I love how caring and protective he was. He has grown so much and become a bit more responsible compared to how he was in book one. Scarlett, I really liked in book one, but couldn't seem to like her very much afterwards. After learning her secret, I think it was completely unfair how she judged Ryder in book one. I mean, she wasn't perfect either, she made some really bad decisions.

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'I smile, feeling both lucky and undeserving to have him. Seeing how great he is with Jake makes my heart swell. All I've ever wanted is the best for my son, and I'm more sure than ever that Ryder is that.'

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When Ryder learns the truth, I liked how he was able to handle it. I was just hoping he would deal with Anna and Matt in a different way. Overall, it was a good last part of the series. Like I said before, I just wish it hadn't been as rushed, especially the ending. But, I did enjoy the ride.

~ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review.~

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