Review: Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Opal  - Jennifer L. Armentrout

♥♥♥ 4.25 STARS ♥♥♥

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"I love you Katy. Always have. Always will."

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This book was just as amazeballs as the last, but I enjoyed this one a little bit more. Things are starting to get a whole lot interesting and Daemon was THE BEST!! Love him!! But dang that freaking cliffhanger!!

All I will say is that I loved this book. Yes, there were a few parts in this book that I did feel like it dragged on a bit. But in those parts where something was happening, it was so freaking enthralling. It pretty much picks up where the last book left off. Blake has betrayed them and because of it they have suffered a loss. Now, they must try to deal with it all. Dawson is back, and he will not give up until he has Beth back safe and sound. However, Dawson is not the same he once was, and this worries everyone.

I am glad to say that Kat did not annoy me in this one like she did in the previous one. YAY!! In fact, I thought she seemed a lot stronger in this one. I loved how close Daemon and her have gotten. Their chemistry was palpable and I loved every freaking moment of it. It was so heart warming to read it that there were times I couldn't help but melt. I just love the crap out Daemon *sigh*. The steam in this book could have been a little better, but I'm content with what we got because all the teasing drove me nuts in a good way.

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His eyes searched mine. "Thank you."

"For What?"

"For everything," he said.

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I still very much hate Blake and now even more so. I wish he would leave already. I swear I was raging like a mad woman at him in the end of this book. I enjoyed the story line and love that I'm not sure where things are heading. Like I said, the only problem I had was there were a few parts where I felt it dragged on for me. But for the most part, it was really good. And of course there was a freaking cliffhanger that left me with my mouth hanging open. My brain seriously could not function. Like WTF!! I can't wait to start on the next book and see what happens next.

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