Review: Jane's Harmony by Ryan Winfield

Jane's Harmony (Jane's Melody, #2) - Ryan Winfield

♥♥♥ 4.5 Stars ♥♥♥

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“Life is filled with questions, and love is the answer to every one of them.”

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After finding out that there would be a sequel to the book Jane's Melody, I was so excited. I loved the first book and just fell in love with the characters and their story. So, thank you, Ryan Winfield, for giving us more of Jane and Caleb. Now that I have finished Jane's Harmony, I can say that I loved it just as much as the first. It did not disappoint, at all.

After letting Caleb leave for Austin, Texas, Jane has left Seattle behind to pursue a life with him. Caleb is still a struggling musician but now has a job, while Jane is having to start all over and is unemployed. Despite them living a less comfortable life, when compared to what they had in Seattle, they are still very happy just being together. And that is what I enjoyed the most, seeing them make a life together. I loved their silly banter, which always put a smile on my face.

Jane is still very supportive of Caleb and his passion for music. She helps and encourages him to audition for a reality music television show, where he can hopefully win and make it big. I loved how much she rooted for Caleb. She was always there as his personal cheerleader when it came to his hopes and dreams. I also liked how she was less insecure about her relationship with Caleb. She didn't let their age difference bother her, especially when Caleb didn't care at all. She is still dealing with a lot after the loss of daughter Melody.

Caleb is still that wonderfully amazing man from the first book. I love how mature he is for his age. He made me swoon and melt by how sweet he could be. He really is perfect. He was loyal in his love for Jane. He never made her feel anything other than loved. He was funny, caring, and supportive. I just loved him completely. I loved the fact that despite him being on a TV show, he still remained true to himself. He never lost sight of what he wanted or what mattered to him.

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"It's like meeting an old friend, but for the first time. Like you were made to understand this one person, and they were made to understand you."

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There were many funny moments in this book that had me chuckling out loud. I loved that there was some great secondary characters in this book, like Sean--who I freaking loved--and the crazy pink-robe-wearing neighbor Marj. There were also many hilarious moments between Caleb and Jane. That is what I love about this book, the fact that you could feel Caleb and Jane's chemistry. Their relationship was just easy and full of love.

I loved the beautiful story and how heartwarming it was. I loved and I am still a big fan of the wonderful writing. I loved the fact that the love between Jane and Caleb was so strong and real. I loved the quirky secondary characters. I am that this book was just as amazing as the first. The pacing of the book was perfect. And, there was no over the top drama added to keep the reader's attention. The ending and epilogue was so uplifting that I had a big grin on my face. I loved it! Overall, it was a beautiful read and I was left completely pleased with how things were concluded for them.

~ARC was kindly provided by the author, via Atria Books, in exchange for an honest review.~

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