Review: Superhero by Eli Easton

Superhero - Eli Easton

♥♥♥ 4.5 'I Loved It!! Stars ♥♥♥

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'From that day on, Owen was my best friend--jelly to my peanut butter, fellow pea in my pod, Sam to my Frodo. And I was his.'

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Omg!! I seriously don't know why it took me this long to read this! I am kicking myself for it, but I am so glad that I finally did. I loved this short book so much!!

When I began reading this book, I knew I was going to love it. I just loved how it started out, by Jordan retelling how he met Owen and became best friends. From then on, I could keep the smile off my face...well except for the emotional moments. Otherwise, I was giddy seeing Jordan and Owen interact.

Jordan is a total comic nerd. He loves to draw and is very talented at it. I fell in love with Jordan's personality. He was honest, loyal, goofy, but also quite sure of himself in certain ways. I loved seeing how Jordan 'seduced' Owen with his toys as kids in order to become friends in the second grade. It was so adorable. Jordan is always happy just being himself. I love the type of friendship Owen and Jordan shared. They were like brothers, but way more than that. As these two kids grow up, Jordan finds his feelings changing too. He soon realizes that he is in love with his best friend, and he is not gay.

Owen on the other hand is the opposite of Jordan. While they share their love for comics and occasionally create some together, they are totally different. Owen is a jock and is following in his family's footsteps. He loves to wrestle and is the best from his family so far. He works hard at it, when he isn't spending his time with Jordan. I loved that Owen was very supportive of Jordan when he came out. I loved how he cared and protected Jordan. It completely melted me.

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“No matter what you do with your life during the day, there's always that moment when you have to wake up with yourself, with yourself and with the person that's sleeping beside you. That's the person that you make a home with, discuss life's big decisions with, share your finances, eat, shop, maybe parent with. That's the person you share your body with forever, kiss, touch, the one you sit on the couch with and watch movies, the one who gives you a hug when you've had a rough day. That's the person you put up a Christmas tree with and arrive home with for the holidays, the person you watch grow old and who still loves you when you're not as nice to look at, the one who holds your hand when you're dying. And none of that had anything to do with wrestling.”

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This may have been a short book, but it was absolutely awesome. I connected to the characters very well. I loved the positive message in this book. I loved all of those heartwarming moments as well. I even hurt for Jordan during a few emotional scene. Despite these two characters being teens, they seemed a lot more mature when they handled things. I loved them both a lot because of that. They were so adorkable together that they made my heart turn to mush. The ending was perfect. I loved the writing and will definitely be checking more books from this author. I can't say enough how much I just loved this sweet, heartwarming book!!

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