Review: Naked By Raine Miller

Naked  - Raine Miller

♥♥♥ 2.75 Steamy Stars ♥♥♥

Well, I had had this book in my kobo for quite a long time. Since I'm trying to read books that I've had for a while, I decided to finally read this short. I know a lot of people loved this one, but unfortunately I was not one of them. But It was okay, overall.

The story starts off with Brynne Bennett, an American living in London during the Olympics. She is an Art Student who pays her bills by occasionally modelling. She is attending a small party where her photograph is being revealed. This is where she meets Ethan Blackstone, the man that buys her nude photograph. The attraction is immediate, and no matter how much Brynne tries no to feel anything for him, she still does. Ethan doesn't take no for an answer. He wants her, and he won't stop until he does.

I am all for the dominant wealthy businessman. I love those kinds of stories. But when I read this one, I had a hard time connecting with the characters. I didn't like the speed of everything. I have read books of insta love and all that, and I have been totally fine with them. But these two meet at that party, he drops her off at her home, they talk briefly. And the next time they see each other, she accepts to have sex with him at his place. And all of a sudden he doesn't want a condom between them. She agrees. To a virtual stranger. I just couldn't fathom that, even if he tells her he's clean. She doesn't KNOW him. So, I got over that after a while. And tried to just enjoy the book.

Ethan, I can't deny, he was one smoking hot man. I really enjoyed his dirty mouth and his alpha-ness. He could be really sexy and had my panties melting a few times. But, I did have difficulty understanding him. I liked him. But like I said, maybe because this was a short (I don't know) but things were just moving too fast for me. All of a sudden they were in a relationship. And there were thoughts and talks about love. I couldn't wrap my mind around that when I felt it was too soon. I liked Brynne. She was the damaged, slightly insecure girl. But I liked that she was confident for the most part, and stood up for herself. Her only weakness was Ethan. She couldn't think straight with him around.

Then the ending, well, I knew that would end up happening so I wasn't shocked. If there had been no prologue, I would have been really surprised like Brynne. Towards the end, things started to get better for me. I became a bit more interested than when I had started. It ends with a cliffhanger. So, I might end up giving the next books a try. And hopefully those will be better for me. The steam was high. The story was okay, it wasn't anything too exciting or different. I think it was missing something in order for this to really stand out from all the rest. But it was still an overall good steamy short read.