Freeing Asia

Freeing Asia - E.M. Abel ~Arc provided by Author in exchange for and honest review~


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"In order to know true love, you must know deep pain"

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Asia Fuller has grown up surrounded by men since her mother passed away. She has always felt like one of the boys. She doesn't know how to be a sexy woman to attract a man. She's tired of being a tomboy and wants her inner woman to shine through. She wants what every girl wants, a man by her side and love. She's finally letting go of her first love, Marcus Avery and leaving him in her past. It's time to move on and find herself. This is when she meets Jay Clarke, a man who sees her as a beautiful woman and who brings out her sensuality. She finally has a chance at what she has always wanted. But what will happen when the man she had feelings, the one who she hasn't seen in seven years, comes back into her life in all his sexy tattooed skateboarder glory.

Asia meets Jay Clarke when she goes out to get some sushi. Jay right away can not stop staring at her. Asia knows she has no style, plus, she is wearing her work clothes, so she doesn't understand how this gorgeous guy is looking at her with interest. But it boosts her confidence. So when her best friend Nick (I freaking LOVE him, by the way) wants to give her a makeover, she accepts after deciding that the change might be good.

After she endures a tedious amount of time at a spa and shopping. Her best friend Hailey invites her to meet up at a club. Of course, Nick suggests that Asia wear her smokin' hot red dress to knock some men back on their asses. Who she sees is Jay and he isn't hiding his interest in her. After he rescues her from a grabby man at the club, she wants to know more about this man. He wants that too, and soon she finds herself in a relationship with him. I totally LOVED Asia. She was kinda crazy, artistic and totally fun! She was also somewhat insecure, but I loved her attitude towards things. She doesn't hold back and can kick some ass fabulously.

Jason 'Jay' Clarke, was a really hot club owner and soon to take over his father's company. He was really sweet, thoughtful and caring. I liked him instantly. He was always complementing Asia and making her feel good and had me swooning. He would give her gifts and roses. Although, sometimes, I felt like he would give too much, for me anyway. But, then I started getting weird vibes from him. There were moments, very few, but moments where I felt he was a jerk. And then he does a douchebag thing and I disliked him alot for it. I ended up getting why he behaved that way. He is trying to figure out how to be his own person, instead of doing what others want him to. He made a mistake, and I am so glad he realized his error. I ended not being able to dislike him so much.

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Marcus-- "You're sexy as hell. You're sweet. You surf, you skate (...) And the best part is you have no clue how special you are."

Asia-- "Why is that the best part?"

Marcus-- "'Cause that means I'm the one who gets to watch you figure that out."

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Then skateboarder and entrepreneur, Marcus Avery comes into the picture, and I think my ovaries can't possibly stand more hottness. (I mean two hot guys that are good in bed!?!?) Well they didn't, my ovaries were completely obliterated by the sexiness that is Marcus. YOWZA!! When I first met Marcus in Asia's flashbacks, I totally thought he was a womanizing jackass. But now that he came back and explained himself. I swooned, sighed, panted and melted. I really liked Jay, I did.... but I am sorry, I am Team Marcus all the way!! I LOVE you, Marcus!! He was awesome! Seriously, I don't even remember why I thought badly of him... he totally redeemed himself.

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"Oh, we're not done yet, babe. I wanna feel you come on me over and over and over again."


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The sex was scorching!! *fans self* There was a bit of kink to keeps things interesting. Very hot! Nuff said.

This story was about a second chance at love, but also about finding out who you are and learning to love yourself before someone can love you back. (Oh and there is no love triangle, if you were wondering.) It was about letting go of your fears and just being yourself. I teared up, laughed, and really enjoyed all of the secondary characters and their banter. Even the pothead, Dank, was awesome to me! For a debut novel, I think E.M Abel did a wonderful job. I LOVED the ending so much, I couldn't stop smiling so big. It was just so amazing! Then I couldn't stop squeeing when I found out that Shaun is getting a book!! I am so stoked and can't wait! I loved the book and definitely recommend you give this a read.

Thanks E, for allowing me to read your AWESOME book!!