Exquisite (Exquisite Series)

Exquisite (Exquisite Series) - Ella Frank image

Dr. Lena O'Donnell has been living her life safely for the past nine years since her sister died in a car accident. She is tormented by an unbearable guilt and sorrow since she was driving when it happened. She has a fortress built around herself for self preservation and is purposely a raging b*tch to keep people from getting too close. That is until she meets Mason Langley, who is determined to break those walls down.

I was really feeling for Lena because the events that took place that resulted in her sister's death was beyond her control yet she still felt guilty. She was guarding her heart tightly from everyone so she would never feel that crushing loss again. So from the beginning I was rooting for Mason, to help her come out of her shell and finally LIVE.

I really got into this story from the start because they did not fall all over each other the instant that they met. In fact they pretty much disliked and annoyed the living hell out of each other, despite their mutual attraction. I was kind of surprised Mason would "manipulate" Lena into their first date, considering how prickly she was. Once she was finally allowing herself to live and be herself I found I really liked her. She was funny, intelligent, and very kindhearted.

Mason was the owner and chef of the restaurant 'Exquisite', who was known for being a womanizer. He was very charming with his dimpled smile, witty, very easy going and stubborn. He knew something about Lena was different from any other woman he had ever met. Mason didn't give up until he was able to crack her shell and finally revealed the real beautiful her. No matter how much she pushed him away.

I loved seeing the characters have a connection that felt real. Unfortunately after Mason 'saves' Lena, the table turns with the death of Mason's mom. Now Lena has to save Mason from his self destructive grief. I did wince at some things that were said towards the end by an angry Mason but I guess it was understandable considering the circumstances. I was very glad at how much Lena grew, because of that, she was able to not give up on Mason when now he was pushing her away. Their journey was a long one and quite emotional toward the end but their HEA ending was a really satisfying one.

The sex scenes were very steamy. Especially the no contact bathroom scene. The only thing I thought was weird was his kink with Lena's hair. Otherwise STEAMY!

Overall I thought it was a great sexy read and would reccommend it. Looking forward to Shelly's book.


Favourite Quote:
“My dad once told me that one day I’d meet someone who drives me so crazy I want to strangle her and yet never would because I can’t bear for her to be gone. Well, that’s when I’ll know I’ve met a woman worth keeping.”