Entice (Exquisite Series)

Entice - Ella Frank image
***4 Sexy Man-Eating Stars***


"I've been building a dream."

Dr. Shelly Monroe has had it with dating men who only use her. So, she broke it off with her boyfriend, who was only interested in her money, and decided to date men that are successful in their careers. Joshua Daniels has always dated women that were sexy as sin but after his ex used him for money and cheated on him, he decides to only date women that are sweet and calm. When these two meet to be part of Lena and Mason's wedding, the attraction is instant and they are exactly what they swore they would never date. They both know it's dangerous so they are determined to not get involved with each other.


"You're making it so easy to fall for you, Josh," she whispered.
His arms tightened around her as he replied softly, "Is that such a bad thing, Georgia?"
Shelly placed a palm on his chest and felt his heart beating strong. "I'm not sure yet," she told him.

Shelly "Man-Eater" Monroe, aka Georgia, was intelligent, confident, feisty and knows exactly whats she wants and isn't afraid to show it. I really loved Shelly, even though there were some parts where I got a bit pissed off at her and I wished she would see reason, but I still really liked her. She wasn't perfect and had suffered because of her parent's relationship but hid it behind her 'brave face'. She wanted someone who wasn't looking to be taken care of by her, but someone responsible and independent. Shelly is Lena's best friend and Maid of Honor. When she sees Josh all she can think is that he is absolutely Delicious. She wants him and fighting the attraction proves to be difficult. So, she suggest they make a deal, to sleep together with no strings attatched.


"I'm so lost in you, Georgia. I don't even know where you end, and I begin. You feel so f*cking amazing. I want to stay here forever," he professed softly.

Josh "Delicious" Daniels, is sexy and charming. He is the owner of a construction company and quite successful at what he does. He is ready to settle down, build a home, and start a family, but he seems to be choosing the wrong kind of women. Josh is Mason's old best friend and has just returned to Chicago. He is hired by Mason to do some renovation on his restaurant, Exquisite. When he sees Shelly, he knows that she will eat him alive and burn him to a crisp. He is attracted to her stunning beauty but also to her intelligence. There is no way he can say no to her when she proposes they have a deal. Soon, he finds he wants more, he justs needs to make her see that he can be the right man for her.


"You have a body that’s made to pound a woman into her bed. So, I’m really hoping you can live up to that."

The sexual tension between these two was through the roof. It was really high in steam. The relationship doesn't really start to build until Shelly asks Josh to accompany her to Georgia to visit her family. They both realize that they weren't exactly what they were expecting. Josh meets "Georgia", another side to Shelly where she is carefree, relaxed, and sweet. Shelly sees Josh and didn't think anyone could really care about her or look at her the way he does. I really fell in love with both of them. I wanted them to be together as a couple because they were just perfect for each other. Shelly came to some conclusions and pretty much ran away from him before things got too serious. There was a long separtion time, but I felt it was necessary in order for Shelly to grow. It never really bothered me, except that I was anxious for these two to get back together. They have both fallen for each other. Now time will tell if they will reunite because they are meant to be or never see each other again and move on.

"Why can't you hurry up and decide what you want? It's killing me not having you with me," he growled


"How can you not see how good we'd be together and how much I would love you?"

The ending was so beautiful! I loved it! I was smiling so much and I didn't want it to end. The epilogue was amazing as well. I loved the writing, the characters, and the story. It was different from the first book, Exquisite, and I think that is why I really liked it so much, It wasn't similar. The next book seems to be totally different as well. Now, I am anxiously awaiting to read Rachel and Cole's book. I am really intrigued by these two. I can't wait!