American Love Songs

American Love Songs - Ashlyn Kane 3.5 Stars

Jake and Parker so sweet and cute Together!

Jake is a part of a band named "Wayward Sons" with three other members. One of whom Jake has had a crush on since they were teens, Chris. After their guitarist, the only female member, leaves the band to start a career they have to search for a replacement. This is when Parker shows up with his guitar and auditions. They think they found a musical genius and is accepted into the band. Parker is shy and very private about his life, still Jake and Parker manage to bond and become very good friends. Soon Jake realizes he is feeling more than just friendship for Parker.

This was written in a very unique and engaging way. I loved reading the blog posts and footnotes which made me giggle a few times. I was able to really connect with Jake through them. It started out slow and everything that took place was in a believable pace. This is definitely more about the story than the burning passion. There were still steamy sex scenes but it was refreshing that it wasn't all about the sex.

Jake was known for his man whore reputation and was not ashamed to being openly gay. He was laid back and served as mediator through group arguments. He was pretty much an open book and a really fun character. He was also a really cool big brother who really cared about his family.
Parker was shy, and not very forthcoming when it came to information on his past. But he was greatly talented in playing, writing lyrics, and singing. It was also very adorable how easily he got embarrased and blushed fiercly. He seemed kind of innocent at times which was endearing.

Jake slowly falls in love with Parker without even realizing it. He had sworn off any kind of relationship to sow his wild oats. Plus he thought he was to young to be serious about anyone. Then comes the problem that Parker isn't gay. Parker's story finally comes out in the open and it is really heart breaking. But I loved seeing Jake and Parker become closer and accepting their feelings. The only thing thing I didn't like was that towards the end it felt a bit rushed to me. Then the end was kind of abrupt. I would have liked there to have been an epilogue or something to know more about how their relationship is working. Still an enjoyable read.

If you have never read anything m/m before and want a slow intro, you should try this out.