Shades of Gray - Maya Banks 3.5 Stars

I have read and loved many of the books in the KGI series. So when P.J. and Cole were going to get a story I could not wait.

I loved seeing the chemistry between them in the previous books. I mean it was endearing seeing them together in this book. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed in how P.J. was portrayed in some scenes. When I saw her in previous books, she seemed intelligent and strong, just a complete badass. This was why I couldn't wait to read her story. But I didn't see all of the characteristics that I loved about her, shine through as much. I still saw her strength but at times she seemed badass to the extreme, which had me chuckling a bit. However, I did enjoy seeing other facets of her character that I had never seen. She had vulnerability to her and as much I love her being a badass, she was still a woman under that mask she carried. So I definitely liked seeing that side of her. I did really like Cole, he was awesome. We got to see a side of him that was sweet and caring, so, he wasn't just a badass. I really enjoyed the scenes with his POV. The banter between them was there, but I wanted more. At last, we find out why P.J. left her S.W.A.T. team as well as Cole's back story.

I was devastated for what P.J. had to go through. It definitely took guts to get through that. I didn't like the 6 month gap. Also P.J. with the Kelly women didn't really flow with me. Still love the Kelly gang!! In the end I felt like the plot could have been more interesting. P.J. could have been portrayed like a strong independent woman without going overboard. I hope Steele's book is better. I'm also intrigued by the two new members.