Soul Avenged  - Keri Lake ~Copy provided by Author in exchange for an honest review~

***5 Badass Stars***

Ayden doesn't remember anything before a group of Lycans attacked her. She is driven by her revenge and wants the Lycans who bit her to suffer as she did. She decides to get the help of the Sons of Wrath -- a group of demon warriors-- to help her find the Lycans, so, she signs a contract with them. But on one night of killing Lycans, she stumbles upon a Halfling, Kane Walker who has recently been bitten and is already going through his change. When he touched her, she sees a few pieces of memories that feel familiar to her. He is her key into finding out who bit her and maybe even about her past. She needs the information he has before his change is complete and time is running out.

Ayden was one badass chick and I LOVED her! She was tough and just plain awesome! Killing Kane after the seven days was supposed to be easy for her, but she never counted on feelings to blossom for him, the enemy. I enjoyed seeing her come out of her shell a little bit as the story progressed. She saw herself almost like a cancer when it came to relationships. So I loved how Kane was able to make her feel.

Kane Walker was one SEXY Lycan Halfling! *swoon* He was a doctor at a Children's Cancer hospital. He was walking to his car when he was attacked by Lycans that caused him to change. He is a really nice, sweet, funny, and HOT man! He seriously had my panties melting! He kept trying to stay in control for Ayden and never let his beast come out. He was also possessive and I loved it! I don’t what else to say about him, I really loved him.

Then there were the Sons of Wrath -- Gavin, Zeke, Calix, Logan, and Zayne. What a Hot group of Demons. I liked them all, especially Zeke, he was a total flirt with a dirty mouth. Well, also Gavin, He was loyal, sweet sometimes, and such a great guy, for being a Demon and all. I am wishing him the best in the next book. But I did love them all, you just can't not like any of them. I am really interested in Zayne and hopefully we will get to learn more about him.

The scenes of all of them fighting Lycans, was AWESOME!! I just could not get enough of their badassness! I want more! Oh, and I hated Wade with a passion. I could not stand him and what he was doing with the Alexi. Just had to say it!

The writing in this book was great! I loved the alternate POV's of several characters and how everything about this world was well explained for the reader. The storyline kept me interested throughout the book, so I never felt bored. I recommend this for any of you paranormal fans out there. It was truly Awesome! I am so looking forward to reading more of this series. Thank you to Keri Lake, for allowing me to read your amazing work! I can't wait to read more!