Take Me (Take Me #1) - Bella Andre Lily is an interior designer who is very voluptuous at size 16. She has tried to always be invisible because she thinks as herself as not good enough. Her sister asks her to fill in as a model for her plus size fashion line. Lily agrees but feels very insecure so she asks her best friend Luke to come and support her. Luke gets called in to the ER so asks his twin brother to go for him. Begrudgingly Travis accepts and becomes overwhelmingly attracted to Lily as he sees her in a dress that hugs her curves and is all confidence. He can't help what he feels for her and wants her in his bed. Lily has always had a crush on Travis since they were friends as kids, but he treats her as if she were beneath him. Lily knew that it was Travis the moment she saw him. Feeling empowered by 'The Dress' she decides to be bold and get what she wants. Lily becomes scared of showing him how much she feels for him and get rejected. So she plots to make him want her to get back at the way he always pushed her away in their youth.

This was a great story and I think a lot of women can relate with Lily with her insecurites on her looks. Lily constantly puts herself down thinking she is ugly. Lily had to learn to love herself no matter what size she is and that she was a great woman that any man would be lucky to have. She had such great people around her to support her which was great to see. The HEA ending was sweet, kinda cheesy, but loved the scenes in Tuscany. A good read and recommend it.