Skybound - Aleksandr Voinov
***5 Brilliant Stars***

Skybound takes place during World War II. Felix is an aircraft mechanic, who has secretly admired Baldur Vogt -- a flying ace.

If the world ends tomorrow, how will I go? Without ever having risked anything, or having done the one thing I can't stop thinking about?


I want to learn his body, find every pleasure it’s hiding. All this reverence and simple awe I feel when I touch him, feel his breath brush my skin. Whatever he calls this, it feels so very precious to me.

We race towards something so amazing and precious it strikes me dumb with its immenseness. I lose every sense of myself, every thought, there's just emotion and utter fulfillment.

The writing was stunning and amazing!! I can't say enough about the writing! I don't even think I can even write a proper review for this. I absolutely loved it! The story was told in Felx's POV. It was a really short read but it was written so well, that I felt so many emotions during its short length. I teared up! The descriptions of everything going in World War II had me melancholic, but seeing them being able to love when they were caught in the middle of it all, was beautiful. It was just brilliant and beautifully well done by Aleksandr Voinov.