Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster ~Arc provided by author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review~

♥♥♥ 2.75 STARS ♥♥♥

I am so sorry to say that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did the first one. The characters had nothing to do with, well not completely anyway. It started out really slow for me. That I almost DNF it. But I continued in hopes it would get better. I got Taddy Brill's sad upbringing made her into the person she now is, but in the beginning, Taddy was a bit annoying. The whole first part of the book was about her wanting this guy's cock and this other guy's cock, pretty much anyone would do, she was that desperate. I was getting overwhelmed with her obsession with sex.

So that was the pretty much the first part of the book. I was waiting for a relationship to develop, and all that happened was she met Warner Truman aka "Big Daddy" and it was insta love. They didn't end up sleeping together that night due to someone showing up. I found it a bit hard to believe how quickly their feelings for each other were growing. Especially after not seeing each other for months, but still, they were hung up on that one brief encounter.

Finally it starts going somewhere when around 60%, Taddy and Warner meet again. This is when my interest was peaked. The sex was hot and all, but I still was unable to connect with characters. I did love that Warner pushed Taddy's limits and showed her what love is, even if that love developed too fast. Warner was hot, sweet, and swoony. I liked him a lot, I think he was the most interesting character in this book. His back story was also a sad one. He was afraid to love but he took a chance on Taddy. Taddy was a lot better in the second half of the book, again thanks to Big Daddy.

The ending was good, but it fell a bit flat for me. I really think that there wasn't enough of chance for the connection that Taddy and Warner shared to flourish. Had there been more of the relationship from the start, I would have enjoyed it more. I wish I could have liked it more, I really tried but I guess it just wasn't for me. It seems some of my GR friends have enjoyed it. So, who knows, you may like it better than I did.