The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton,  Lesli Richardson Oh My Gah...THIS BOOK REALLY HAD ME BAWLING. *sniff*


Seth and Kaden have known each other since birth. They always had a strong bond with one another, more than best friends or family. Seth thought he knew everything about Kaden's life until Kaden reveals he is dying of pancreatic cancer and wants Seth to takeover as his wife's (Leah) Dom when he passes. Seth never knew about Kaden's bdsm lifestyle and doesn't think he can be a Master. But after Kaden reavels to Seth the reason's for Leah needing him, Seth finds himself not being able to refuse.

This was not a traditional love story. Its a story about love, a love that is so deep it has no boundaries. Their relationship isn't conventional but it was just so right and felt perfect. You also get a better understanding to the different bdsm lifestyles. The book was in Seth's POV, so you were able to go along with him and feel his inner turmoil with the predicament in which he finds himself in. It was so hard to fight the tears for me as time progressed and I watched Seth suffer looking as Kaden's health worsened. I was really sobbing, my heart really hurt for all of them. I ended up liking all the characters so much and getting use to seeing how much they belonged together that the loss literally felt real.

The story really wasn't at all about the kink but how it was used for emotional release, which is explained in the book. After finally being able to show their love for each other, they had to learn how to grieve and still stay intact. Watching Seth and Leah both trying to cope was also heart wrenching. The ending was very beautiful though and just Loved how much the characters grew from their experience. Kaden really won my heart though, he was dying yet was probably the strongest and most selfless character, he truly was a rock for them. This wasn't just a crying book there were sweet moments and a few that made me laugh. It was WONDERFULLY well written and I HIGHLY recommend it.