Phoenix Rockstar (Biker Rockstar, #1) - Bec Botefuhr 3-3.5 Stars

This story is in Violet's, aka 'Mischief', POV. Violet has been best friends with Travis since she was a child. She has always looked up to him and as she grows older develops feelings for him. But Travis is six years older than her, so she witnesses him living his life with other girls. When she is sixteen years old, Violet and Travis share an unforgettable kiss. Then Travis leaves without a word. A lot of things have happened to Violet since then but she hasn't forgotten how Travis hurt her. Four years later Travis returns as a very successful Rockstar and CEO of a music label. The attraction between them is still there and much stronger than before. They can't be together though because Chief, Violet's dad and leader of a biker club, has strict orders that no one touches his daughter without consequences. Travis may not be an official member of the club but his father was and since Chief practically raised him the rules include him. Violet soon realizes that everyone has a secret not just herself.

First off, there were so many spelling issues, it was really bothering and at times confusing me as well as the slangs I didn't understand.

I felt like the story started a bit slow for me in the beginning and could have been better. I still enjoyed seeing Travis and Violet reconnect and view their relationship prior to Travis leaving through flashbacks. Their sex scenes were very steamy But the story didn't really hook me until around 65%. From this mark on I couldn't stop reading. Thats when things started to pick up, maybe a little to quickly. One secret after the other surfaces that you don't even expect it.

I also had issues with Violet's split personality. One moment she is acting mature for her age then she is throwing tantrums like a child that made me roll my eyes at her. I wish Violet would just grow up already when she is dealing with hurtful situations. Travis was a hot Alpha and I loved the way he loved Violet wholeheartedly. There were moments that made me chuckle a bit like the dirty dancing scene. The most disturbing scenes were probably with Chief and his bimbo *shudders*.

Overall I still enjoyed it and will see if the second book is better. The cliffhanger left me really wanting to know what happens next.