Lover Reborn - J R Ward AHHH... I FREAKING LOVED IT!!

I have to admit I wasn't sure how I was going to feel with Tohr moving on, But it was freaking Awesome. I am so glad the story was told over a long span of time so he didn't just move on from Wellsie so quickly. I DID want him to move on, I mean I was hurting for him for his grief and hated him being self-destructive. I am so happy that he ended up with No'one/Autumn, I really liked her. They both had to move on and grow in their own ways and did so with help from each other. I did get freaking pissed at Tohr sometimes for being a JERK. But he redeemed himself in the end.

Lassiter, the fallen angel, played a bigger role in this book. I had already liked him from the previous books but Damn if I didn't LOVE him in this one. Lassiter was freaking Hilarious and just Awesome! I'm really hoping he gets a book.

John Matthew and Xhex where having problems seeing eye to eye. I was totally feeling for them and where their relationship was headed. But it did get better for them in the end. I also enjoyed Xhex and No'one/Autumn forming a relationship as mother and daughter. Makes me so Happy :)

Xcor from the Band of Bastards and Layla? I'm hoping the B.O.B. turn good. I mean when fighting Lessers the more the merrier, true. I want Layla to be happy so I wonder if something will occur between them.

The ending had me in a panic for a moment there. It was a WTF moment I just could NOT believe was happening. How much more did Tohr have to suffer! I was freaking tearing up. There was a happily ever after though. Now I can't wait for the next installment. I WANT ME SOME QUAY!! :D