Lana - R.K. Lilley 3.5 Stars

'I'm just adrift, banned from my home, and utterly rejected by the only man I'll ever love.'

I was excited to read this novella because I loved Lana in the 'In Flight series'. Through that series, we found out about how she was still in love with Akira after leaving all those years. She had left Hawaii heartbroken due to Akira's rejection, and never looked back. In this novella she finally returns to Hawaii to attend to some matters in the family business. This is where she reunites with Akira.

"You have the most amazing eyes in the world, Lana. I think I'v missed those the most... I can't tell you how sorry I am that I drove you away."


"I guess it was always just wishful thinking. I never wanted to lose hope that you would come back."


"I love you, Akira," I said to him as he lay on top of me when we'd finished. My voice was quiet, but sure. "I always have, and I always will. I want to be with you forever. I don't want anyone else."

I was Shocked because I was not expecting Lana to be such a minx LOL! The car and her birthday scene...OMG! It was hot! Let's just say, she ain't shy, that's for sure. I always thought she was kind of tame yet very fun, from her interactions with Bianca. Guess I was wrong on the tame part haha!

"Don't leave us again, Lana," he whispered roughly. "Don't leave me. Stay. Please"

It is a novella so it was short, not much drama here. I was a little let down just because of the fact that it ended too quickly. Right when I was getting into the love story between Akira and Lana it was done and the ending felt rushed to me. So I ended up not completely loving it. I really liked Akira, but, I can't say I love him, obviously, since I couldn't really get into the character well enough, with it being short and all. I liked his family, they were very entertaining. I did enjoy it, though, and it was very sweet and heartwarming. They both realized that they were unhappy being apart and hurt by the misunderstandings of the past. I loved seeing them get back together and no longer deny themselves what they wanted all along. Overall it was plenty hot and a good novella. I can't wait for Danika and Tristan's story!!

"I love you," I said breathlessly.
"Good," he murmured roughly, "because I'm keeping you forever."