Dark Soul Vol. 2 (Dark Soul, #2) - Aleksandr Voinov 4.5 Stars ***Review for Complete Series***

WOW this was REALLY good.

Stefano is a mafia boss who is having a turf war with the Russians. He needs help and Silvio Spadaro is a hired hitman sent to him to help him with that problem. Stefano finds himself desiring Silvio even though he is happily married and loves his wife Donata. But going against his urges becomes too difficult and he doesn't want to let Silvio or Donata go.

Once I started I seriously couldn't put it down. I found myself utterly intrigued by the attraction between Stefano and Silvio as well as them as individuals. Silvio was a hired assassin who was freaking scary for sure but also pulled at my heart strings for his vulnerability, sometimes his childlike behaviour (e.g. puppy *melts*), his lack of emotion and wanting to belong.

I enjoyed watching Stefano change throughout the book. I found he felt real to me in the way he questioned his sexuality and not being ready to act on it. I also loved how loving a person he was and how he handled the situation with his wife. I loved Donata, she was a great character as well. Stefano's acceptance of Silvio was REALLY heart warming.

This story was dark and there were some disturbing parts (e.g. incest) that is definitely not for everyone. But I have to say it was written in such a way that even though what was happening was wrong it never overwhelmed me. Everything that occured was written in a respectful way.

The ending was just PERFECT by staying true to the characters and not making it sappy. Aleksandr Voinov did a wonderful job writing this story. I LOVED IT!! I wish there was more!