The Proposal - Katie Ashley I have been waiting for this book for what feels like forever!!

The cliffhanger from the previous book made me nuts. In this book it picks up where it left off. I was really pissed off at Aidan for what happened in the previous book. So I was hoping to see him suffer a bit for what he did. WOW!! EMMA REALLY MADE AIDAN WORK HARD FOR FORGIVNESS. I felt myself softening to Aidan pretty quickly!! I mean what does he have to do to prove to Emma he loved her and wanted to work on their relationship. That's the only thing that bummed me out a bit, that Emma kept pushing away all of his efforts. I sure was impressed with everything he did and I couldn't understand why Emma wasn't as well.

And then there was "Dr. McDreamy Bollywood" aka Pesh. I guess I understand her interest in him because he was safe and far from the likes of Aidan. But I was not happy about how she was deluding herself and saying they were just "friends". Clearly Pesh was interested in more. Pesh was a great guy and all but I still Loved Aidan for Emma.

Once Emma and Aidan were together, I was happy again :D

The HEA ending was amazing to me. It might have gotten a bit cheesy a few times towards the ending but I still LOVED IT!! Can't wait to read Pesh's book as well as Noah's, Emma and Aidan's son, book.