Provoked (Dark Protectors, #5) - Rebecca Zanetti And so it continues...

It has been about six years since Jase Kayrs has been kidnapped by the Demons. Kane Kayrs has found a demon destroyer and may be his only hope in finding and saving Jase. Amber Freebird is a vegan pacifist and completely oblivious to Kane's world. When they are together they can't help the attraction between them, but Amber is afraid Kane is a loon when he reveals he is a vampire.

I have been putting off this book and then I realized I had it so I finally read it. I was excited to read Kane's book because from the previous books he seemed sweet even though he was kind of stoic.

Kane has always been the smart one with his zillion degrees in a drawer somewhere as well as the rock to the Kayrs brothers'. He would do anything for his family to make sure they are safe and protected. He has always been ruled by logic and thinks everything has to have an explanation and evidence or it isn't real. This is why he doesn't believe "love" exists. Then he meets Amber Freebird and starts to feel possesive and a whirl of feelings he has never felt before. He finds himself confused as to what that means.

Amber was the opposite to Kane. She believes in fate, love, no war, no testing on animals, and is vegan. She is strong when she needs to be and true to her beliefs. She kicked ass without compromising her pacifist status so I really liked her because of that. She was really caring and kind of mischievous. I liked the fact that she doesn't settle for less than she thinks she deserves or lets Kane push her around.

I was really heart broken at all that Jase Kayrs had endured during that time. I really felt for all of them and how guilty the brothers felt for not being able to find him.

I loved the epilogue. I have been waiting to read Janie's book since it started and she was a child. Janie Kayrs is now 20 years old and seems to be up to something involving Zane and Kalin. I can't freaking wait for that book! I have a feeling Rebecca Zanetti will not let me down and it will be Amazing. I want MORE! Now to wait for the next one.