Creed (Unfinished Hero, #2) - Kristen Ashley 3.5 Stars

I love books that have badass female characters. So when I started this book and found out Sylvie was that kind of character, I was really stoked to read this. Sylvie was a strong woman, protector for Knight's girls, that despite her short stature and lean frame, she was able to kick some ass. I've read a few of KA's books and Creed was not that great of an Alpha as other characters she has written. Nevertheless I still very much liked Creed. He was really sweet and protective of Sylvie from such a young age. I loved how he gave Sylvie those necklaces and the tattoo, it was so beautiful because of the meaning behind it. Together I thought they made a great couple. Creed came back into Sylvie's life because he was hired by Knight to become Sylvie's partner.

This book goes from present to past and back again. I have to say that I just loved and looked forward to all the scenes of the past. They were more interesting to me than the present. It was so bittersweet that my heart was aching for them. They both didn't have a great upbringing. They had terrible parents who didn't care about them. When they thought they had no one, they found each other. Sylvie was only six and Creed was eleven. It beautiful to see their childhood friendship turn into love over the years. The reasons why they separated for sixteen years, once Sylvie turned eighteen, was heart breaking. They had to go through so much thanks to Sylvie's father.

When it came to the present, I found that some parts were good. Once they came together after sixteen years, they needed to rediscover each other because of how much they had changed since. Sylvie changed the most and with good reason. Sylvie was troubled by nightmares of the things Creed endured. And so after being insisted by Creed to get help, she did. She lived with the thought that Creed had left her. So once she found out the truth of why he left, it was great to see them getting that relationship they always wanted to have. I also enjoyed watching her with Creed's children.

Some parts I didn't really like. I felt like some parts were a bit dragged on while others rushed. The plot itself was nothing extraordinary. There was no problem to overcome really. It was just watching them form a relationship and build a life that they never had to chance to make. It had a very similar story line to another KA book 'For You', so I felt like I had already read this story in a way. There were also some parts that were added that were kind of mundane and I felt didn't really add to the story.

The sex in this book wasn't really that hot to me. I thought Knight had light bdsm and in this book it was pretty much non existent. They were pretty much doing the sames things over again with some switches in position but nothing I'd call exciting or very steamy. I just for some reason couldn't connect with them during the sex scenes. It was a good read overall. I enjoyed the flashbacks so very much. Loved a few parts that were so sweet and romantic. I did really like the epilogue and it were more detailed, otherwise really good. I am hoping Raid will be better.