Knight  - Kristen Ashley This is the first Kristen Ashley book that I read that contained some bdsm, but nothing intense. KA did a great job because it was PLENTY HOT!!! Knight was smokin'. He literally made my knees weak on more than one occasion just by the stuff that came out of that mouth LOL!! He was also able to drown me in cold water by the things that came out of his mouth (you'll understand later).

Nothing really exciting happened in the story though. It was pretty much about Anya Gage and Knight Sebring's relationship developing. No plot twists or anything like that. Just Anya and Knight learning more about each other. As well as Anya learning about the world Knight lives in.

The sex was CRAZY HOT!! I am not going to lie though, the whole "Daddy" thing, is not a turn on for me. As I continued to read, I tried to overlook this, but the first time it was mentioned I was like 'WTF!!! This is... WEIIRRDDD!!' *cringe* and this is what I meant by drowned in cold water haha! Still, when not putting much attention to him being addressed as 'Daddy', the sex was SUPER HAWT!!

Here are some examples:

"Does my baby want her Daddy to play with her?"


" ride your Daddy..."


"Good, baby, now position and take Daddy in your mouth."


In the end I still ended up loving the Sexy Alpha, Knight, despite how anti-hero he was. Anya finds some stuff about Knight's profession where she has to come to a decision if she trusts him enough to stay or leave him.

I love all of KA epilogues because they never dissapoint and this one didn't either. Overall this book was pretty good. I'm hoping the next will be better :)

Favourite Quotes:

"I love you, Anya, you're the only woman who's had that from me and you're the only one who ever will."


" gotta know that each second I spend with you it becomes more and more clear you were made for me. A gift I don't deserve, I didn't earn but I'm not giving it back."

"Stop it."

"Not going to do that, Anya. Not ever. Not until you get it, baby."