Rush  - Maya Banks 3-4 Stars

First off, if you loved the 'Bared To You' and '50 Shades Of Grey' series, then you will most likely enjoy this one too because they are very similar. If not, you should pass this. My rating is from three to four because some parts felt three stars while others felt four.

This is a book where I didn't entirely love the male protagonist. Gabe Hamilton is a thirty eight year old dominant business man, who is business partners with Mia Crestwell's brother (Jace Crestwell) and best friend (Ash McIntyre). My first impression of Gabe Hamilton was that he was a Jerk. He pissed me off on so many occasions by constantly making stupid decisions. Yet when you get to read his POV, you could see he wasn't so bad and that there was actually Good in him. Unfortunately, It took him a while to show it completely. I was worried I would hate him throughout the book, but I found myself softening to him by the end.

"I can't be without you," he whispered. "You have to stay"


Mia Crestwell was another story. I really Loved her! She was an intelligent and strong twenty four year old. Despite the fourteen year age difference I felt she was WAY more mature than Gabe most instances. I absolutely LOVED how she was not meek and didn't cower unto him when he was being an asshole. She stood her ground at all times and demanded respect. She was just awesome!!

"I deserve better than that, Gabe, and I'm sure as hell not going to settle for less."


The sex in this book was not an intense type of BDSM. So I'd say it should be great for everyone. It was really Steamy though and at some points had me needing an ice cold shower, it was that hot haha! ;)


The story itself was entertaining, and yes, at some points it was predictable, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. It never bored me and I very much liked the supporting characters. I did really Despise Charles! He was a royal bastard to nth degree. Just needed to say it LOL. Lisa, Gabe's ex-wife was just plain annoying.

The ending was very sweet and cheesy, but it never bothered me. I couldn't help but melt completely. I was so Happy! I think it was a good read and I'm definitely going to check out the next two books on Jace and Ash.

"I can't live without her...I can't be happy without her...I want her in my life. Every goddamn day. I want to take care of her, make sure she never has to worry for anything that I can give her...All I can think of are daughters who look just like her...I've never felt this way about another woman. I never will."