The Fifth Favor - Shelby Reed image


"A favor for a favor."


"Pleasure for pleasure. Truth for truth. Injury for injury. Equally given, equally received."

Billie Cort is a reporter for a magazine called Illicit. She is working on an article about expensive male prostitues, and in order to do that she must do some research. She is told to go to Avalon, a high-end private club where she is to interview the best of the best, Adrian. The attraction is immediate once she lays eyes on him, and it seems like Adrian is also feeling it too.

Adrian. *sigh* What can I say about Adrian? He was über swoony, sexy, and charming. I have never shivered so much in my life just from reading what Adrian said and did to Billie. He was one hell of a seducer and I found myself falling under his spell.

"She wasn't the kind of woman who could give away sex without giving away her heart, and he liked that in her, that vulnerability....Maybe, at the very bottom of it, he knew a whore - even a high-priced one - didn't deserve a woman like Billie. She was reality, gritty and truthful and tangible. He... he was a phantom born out of... imagination."


"Looking at Billie, touching her, tasting her, had filled him with a wanting fiercer than any he’d known. For the first time, he was faced with something he couldn’t truly have, because of what he’d become.”

He was intrigued by the innocence that he saw in Billie and at first all he wants is to give her a taste of what he can do. He is so closed off though, that he lets no one know the real him. Billie has the power to make him lower his defences and view his vulnerabilty. Soon, he starts to fall for her because she accepts and sees him as he is, the person, not the escort persona he plays. He starts seeing the things he could have had in his life, but might no longer be able to have. He feels like like he is no longer worthy of anything good, like love, especially from a woman so wonderful as Billie.

In another time, another place, he could have loved this woman. He could have deserved her love.


“Your eyes are a dead giveaway. You’re starving, Billie. For love. For sex. For attention. Who denied you all these things?”

Billie wants to understand Adrian more. She wants to find out who he is. She is the first woman to ever say no to Adrian. She isn't a one night stand kind of woman but resisting Adrian proves hard for her. When everything he does drives her hormones into chaos. All she wants is for him to accept that he has feelings for her as well. And to also see the wonderful things she sees in him.


I really enjoyed every moment of this book. The teasing, the seduction, all of it had me not wanting to put this book down. Adrian was so sexy and yummy and normal, definitely not your typical severely broken male main character. Still, he was not perfect. Billie, may have been innocent in some ways but she sure knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to voice it and go after it.

“What are you doing to me?” he groaned against her lips, his voice feverish and hoarse. “Whatever it is, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop touching me. Don’t ever stop loving me…”

“I can’t stop,” she replied, her words shaken as she clutched his hair and stared up into his eyes. “I don’t know how.”

I loved seeing these characters help each other learn more of themselves. The whole book was full of a good dose of steam. The only thing I felt lacking in this book was the ending. There was a HEA but it was a bit rushed and it really left me wanting more, so I was disappointed. I would have liked there to have been an epilogue or something. Overall, it was a very enjoyable read.