After Tuesday (These Days, #1) - Renee Ericson ~Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review~

***4 Sweet First Love Stars***

After Tuesday is a story about a girl named Ruby. She is a seventeen year old girl, who pretty much lives alone. Sure, her father resides in the same house as her, but it's like he isn't even there. He is a walking zombie consumed by his addiction, while Ruby has to watch and at times be a parent to him. She justs wants to turn eighteen so that she can finally move on with her life.

One summer, Ruby becomes friends with Lexi. Ruby isn't one to have friends because she doesn't want nor trust anyone to know about her life. Then, she meets Brent, the hottest guy at school. He had never noticed and now he seems to be very interested in her. Brent likes Ruby and he wants to know everything about her but he can tell she is holding something back. She doesn't want to be hurt like she is by her dad, but she can't stop what she is feeling for Brent so she gives as much of herself as she can.

I loved the story. It was very sweet to see Ruby and Brent's relationship grow. It was like experiencing your own first love all over again. Ruby's life wasn't easy but she still held herself tall and tried to give herself a better life without having much support at home. She became strong and independent because of that. When her father was passed out from his addiction, Ruby was there to pick him up and take him home. She was such a great teenage character.

Something's happening, and it's beyond my control. I feel different around him. When I'm with Brent, I feel a sense of comfort, and when he isn't around, I feel nerves and longing. I want to be with him. I want to see him.

Brent I loved! He was really sweet and caring to Ruby. He wanted to get to know her completely and wanted to support her in any way that he could. He showed her what love could be like. I thought he was also a wonderful character and quite mature as well. You get to see them both grow and learn together and it was realistic to me in the way that they handled situations. In the end they are just teenagers and still have a lot to learn about life.

I very much enjoyed the story and the characters. I really liked Lexi too. She was such a great best friend who never turned her back on Ruby. The timing of all the things that happened, I think were just right. It was a very well written YA book that had love, friendship and heartbreak. I definitely recommend all you YA lovers out there to give this a read. A big Thank you to Renee Ericson, for allowing me to read your book.