Leo (Sign of Love, #1) - Mia Sheridan image
***4.5 Stars***


"Why are you looking at me?" --Evie
"Because I like your face." --Leo

Evie met Leo when they were children in foster care. When they felt like they were completely alone, they had each other. They started out as friends but soon their love started to grow. Leo is getting adopted and moving away soon. Leo promises to reunite with Evie when she turns eighteen and make the life they have dreamt of building together. Evie promises to wait for him for those four years it takes to be together again. But Evie never hears from him again. He never wrote to her like he promised and when she turns eighteen, he never came back for her.


"I'm going to kiss you now, Evie, and when I do, it's going to mean that you're mine. I don't care how far away from each other we are. You. Are. Mine. I'll wait for you. And I want you to wait for me. Promise me you'll save yourself for me." --Leo

Eight years later, she is working two jobs and lives in a small apartment by herself. She has made good friends and is doing well for herself. Suddenly she notices that a man is stalking her. She finally decides to confront him. The stalker, Jake, reveals that Leo is dead and sent him to make sure she was okay. Evie is hurt that Leo has died but also that he never came to look for her before his death. Jake doesn't seem to want to stay away from her and she is attracted to him, but she knows that he is keeping something from her. That still didn't stop Evie from taking a chance and getting into a relationship with Jake.

"I knew it'd be like this with us," he says smiling bigger.
"You did, did you?"
"Yup. Knew it the first time I kissed you."
I smile at him and lean up to kiss his lips gently.


I really loved this book! I admired Evie for how she didn't end up being a stereotype and failing to live on her own after she was thrown out of the system. She worked two jobs, as a server and a hotel maid, to pay her bills and wasn't ashamed of it. There were a few things that still bothered me, though, like how fast she seemed to be falling for Jake. I just thought they jumped into a sexual relationship to quick when she was saving herself for Leo. I know he was dead but she didn't feel any guilt or gave it any thought, while I felt like she was slightly betraying him. But I did love how caring and sweet she was, like how she made cookies for her neighbours and the bed time stories she would tell her friend's little daughter.

I point at his shirt. "World's Greatest what? I ask, trying to rein in my laughter.
"Oh, this?" he asks, pointing to his chest. "It's all inclusive.
World's Greatest Guy, World's Greatest Lover, World's Greatest Cook," he motions to my pasta when he says the last part. "You name it I'm the greatest."


"You're mine now, Evie. Say it," he whispers.
My hand stills and I look him in the eyes. "I'm yours, Jake," I whisper back.

Jake was a total alpha and I loved it! He has just become the owner of the family business because his father has passed away from a blood clot that resulted from a heart attack. I really liked him from the start but I didn't really trust him 100%. I knew from when Evie noticed some of the odd ways he was acting, that he was hiding something. He seemed to really care about Evie but then I couldn't help but feel suspicious of him. He was keeping a secret and he wanted to find a way to finally tell Evie his truth.


And in the end, I had jumped. And the other side was just as glorious as her eyes had promised.

It was a very well written and beautiful story. There were a few moments that Jake reminded me of a Kristen Ashley hero, which was not a bad thing, I really enjoyed it. I loved Evie's friends, they were so great and supportive towards her. I was so sad to read what had ended up happening to Leo after he was adopted. I can't even imagine him going through all that but now I understand why he never came back for Evie. The HEA ending was really beautiful and just really heartwarming. I can not wait to read Leo's book. I am really excited!