Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren I really thought I was going to love this book, but it was okaay...

Chloe Mills is working on her way to an MBA and can't stand her boss Bennett Ryan. He is a complete JERK to her but can't help but notice how beautiful he is. They constantly b*itch at each other but soon find themselves becoming friends with benefits.

For the entire first part of the book, it seemed to be about them having hot sweaty sex as many times as possible and as many locations as possible. I mean they had sex in a car, dressing room, elevator, wall, window, etc. It was HOT don't get me wrong, but there was no real character growth during this period. Oh and not to mention the first time they have sex, no communication on protection. Bennett also seems to be hoarding a collection of all of Chloe's used ripped panties.

After thier Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am moments, they went right back to hating each other. I didn't get a sense of a connection between these characters beyond lust. And when they did try to behave as though they were in a 'relationship', it just wasn't really believable to me.

I wish there was more of plot. I mean things didn't start moving forward til about 75 - 80% into the book. And then their ending was just kind of rushed and I felt myself wanting more because there wasn't any drama that interested me not a very satisfying conclusion. This book could have ended faster if most of the sex parts had been cut out in the beginning.

It wasn't terrible, just not great. But if you are looking for a book specifically for the smut, than this is the book for you.