Up to Me (The Bad Boys, #2) - M. Leighton Just when I thought I couldn't love Cash more, I was proven wrong. I mean seriously!! *swoon* He was still his panty melting self but sweet as well. He had me feeling really warm...

I could not wait to read this book after that cliffhanger in the first book. Unfortunately I didn't like this as much as the first book. It was still a good book, I just guess I was hoping for more action (and not in the sex category, that was plenty hot). I wanted to shake the hell out of Olivia for hesitating. I was yelling at her COME ON I THOUGHT YOU WERE OVER THIS BS!!. Olivia was a little repetitive but she came through in the end. I did like the twist, I was not expecting that. Oh and I Loved Gavin, the sexy Aussie and Cash's close friend. He was so charming and just so great.

I hope we get to find out more about him in the next installment.

I may not have loved it but I still did really enjoy it. Did I mention that I Loved Cash *sigh*. I hope the next book will be better for me and I have a feeling it might be.