Claim Me  - J. Kenner ~ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review~

***4 Mr. Starks***


They're agreement is coming to a close which means, the painting is almost completed. They can't seem to get enough of each other and both are dreading the day it's all over. Damien Stark wants to keep Nikki in his life and Nikki is more than happy to stay. But one thing is still missing, Nikki needs for Damien to open up to her wholly as she has done for him. Their relationship is now in the public eye and secrets are being kept, making their future look not too clear.

"You belong here,"he says. "Wherever I am, you belong. You're mine," he says. "Say it"
"I am. I am yours."

I really enjoyed the story in this book. It dealt more with Damien's issues and him trying to overcome them. In the first book, we saw the tough upbringing that Nikki tried to deal with in a way that wasn't healthy. Now, we are learning about Damien's past which is quite heartbreaking and sad. He suffered abuse and had only himself to look out for himself. He had no one to talk to and a father who only cared about the money his son was bringing in than his well being. I loved Damien and his willingness to try for Nikki. He wasn't perfect but he was able to show how strong he was, even if what he was doing resulted in them getting hurt.

Nikki really impressed me in this book, she seemed tougher and more confident than in the last book. I was most impressed during the ending. She really proved to everyone just how strong she really was. I loved her! The paparazzi,scandals, and outside people were trying to get in the way of their relationship but she held her chin-up during most of it. She has definitely grown a lot to me.


The sex scenes were really hot and steamy! It has definitely improved. I loved how sexy Damien was and how their love was able to shine through. There was one scene that was a bit difficult but Nikki seemed to be okay with it. Plus, Damien had me melting so many times. I just couldn't get enough of him being dominant and possesive.

Overall I really liked this book. It was tough to get into for me in the beginning but thankfully it improved and I was liking every moment of it after that. I am so glad that there was no cliffhanger. There could have been one and I would have died before the next book came out but there wasn't. Thank you so much J. Kenner! *phew* I am really looking forward to reading the next book! I can't wait!