Special Forces: Soldiers Part I -Director's Cut - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate *Buddy Read with Pervy Melissa and Panda Amanda*

~Review For Soldiers Part I and II~

6+++ Brilliantly Amazing Stars

I don't even think I can think properly after reading this book. My thoughts and emotions are in utter chaos. It was a heart achingly beautiful story of two unlikely men that fall in love. Dan McFadyen is a Scottish SAS Soldier and Vadim Krasnorada is a Russian Spetsnaz Soldier. Both are at war in Afghanistan. Both are enemies.

We're both lost, comrade, he thought. We are in a war we don't want to be in, we're both on the wrong side of it, and all we get out of this is...He sighed. Enough to keep me going.


"You're as close to a f*cking home as I get."

Their first meeting was anything but romantic. It all started by Dan getting raped by Vadim. I felt shock, disgust, and pain while reading this. This book brought out a whirlwind of emotions from me. I felt hatred, sadness, sympathy, happiness, love, lust, and many more. I don't know how it happened or when exactly, but I fell in love with these characters. Everything about them felt so real, and yes, they aren't perfect, but I fell in love anyways. I didn't think it would be possible considering what they had done in their past. Vadim raped while Dan tortured.

"I want you, Dan. More than anything. You...are in my blood, in my bones, I need...you. Do you undertand."


"You seem to be the one for firsts," his breath caught, "and lasts and always."

This whole book was in a span of about 10 years. So by then end of this book they had changed so much. They found in each other what the other didn't know they wanted or thought they could ever have. Watching their love grow was as heart warming as it was heart breaking. I cried so much reading this that by the end I was emotionally drained. But it was totally worth it. I really LOVED it! Nothing I write can describe how truly amazing this book was, so, you're going to have to read it to understand.

"You're mine." whispered, beginning to kiss along jaw and down the neck. "Your're mine, no-one else's. Not even Mother Russia's. You're mine."


"Aye," Dan whispered, "we'll be together." Tender kisses, now, light touches of fingers, hands, body, skin, and again and again his lips. "If you can't... then I will. I will find you. Wherever and however. Whatever it takes. Whatever it costs. Anything."

Thanks to my buddy readers for helping me get through this tough read. It was such a wonderful story :)


I HIGHLY recommend this book. It is dark and very graphic. So warning, it won't be for everyone.