Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville I LOVED IT!!

***4.5 STARS***


Dr. Jack Francisco has just witnessed the murder of a woman, Maria Dominguez, in a parking lot as he was walking to his car. Now, Jack finds himself in WITSEC and having to testify against the men he saw commit the crime. D is a hit man and being blackmailed into killing a witness. He shows up at Jack's house ready to do the deed, but he couldn't do it. He couldn't take an innocent life away for doing nothing wrong. So now, D is determined to protect him from whoever wants him dead. They spend two months together in hiding before the trial, in which their connection starts to turn into more. But Jack will soon be moved away with a new identity after he is done testifying. Now, neither of them wants to say goodbye.

"I ain't no hero."
"Well, you're my hero."

I loved D!! Seriously LOVED him! He was a man who felt nothing and was living his life mechanically, just doing a job. He felt so undeserving of anything good or kind, like what Jack wanted to give him because of the things he had done. He knew his soul was condemned and didn't want to drag someone like Jack down too. So he kept himself deep inside and never let anyone in. My heart broke for him, when he revealed the loss he had suffered. He was a really good guy, maybe what he was doing wasn't good, but still I wanted him to see that there was good in him. He was caring and even though he didn't know how to show it, he loved wholeheartedly. This book had so many inner monologues but it actually worked for me. I loved reading what was going on inside D's head. Oh, and I loved his accent. He made me freaking melt and swoon! ♥♥♥

"Ta think 'bout how close I was ta killin' you," he said, his voice choking and wobbling over those words. "And if I had I'd never known what I'd really done, who it was that I'd taken from this world or how much the world needed him. Tears me up thinkin' on never knowin' you or lovin' you. Cain't hold it in my mind too long before it burns."

I also really liked Jack. He was really funny to me because of how naive he was to D's world. He was not afraid to be himself. I loved that as the book progressed he became stronger and more confident in trying to take care of himself. He didn't want to keep relying on others for his safety. He was a surgeon who worked on reconstructing peoples faces. The story of the little girl's face he had to reconstruct, pulled at my heart strings. Jack is a very loving and kind person. He was exactly what D needed in his life. Together they were such a great couple! *sigh*

"Do you really know how much you've changed since we met?" D didn't know what to say. "Because I see it, and it's astonishing. And how you were with me... you were suppose to kill me, you were rough, you were brutal and you made no bones about it. I thought I'd fear you, and I should have hated you, but somehow you made me love you." D blinked up at Jack's face, his steady blue eyes not letting him go. "Yeah, you heard me," Jack whispered.

There were many sweet tender moments between them that I could not stop melting. By the end of the book, I had to be mopped off the floor. The first time they had sex, I was like, "Is this really happening?" It just happened so fast and out of the blue that I thought one of them was dreaming, but no, it was real. All the scenes were very steamy. D was struggling to accept that he may be gay, while Jack was okay with accepting that for himself. It took a while for D to stop holding back and give into what he was feeling.


The action in this book was so AWESOME!! I loved every moment of it. I forgot to mention that I also very much loved Churchill and Megan!! They were the BEST back up ever!

Pulling Jack down with him and rolling him to his back, scooping up Jack's mouth with his own. "Mmm," he growled. "Taste sweet," he whispered.
"I went out for a mocha."
"Nah. Think its just you," D said, smiling crookedly, lifting one hand to flick a lock of hair from jack's forehead. Jack melted a little.

There were moments of sadness in this book that had me quite teary-eyed, but the ending was just beautiful. I felt so happy for them! I couldn't stop smiling. I am hoping the sequel comes out soon because I can't wait to read more of this pair!